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The Best Fumari Shisha Mixes

The Best Fumari Shisha Mixes

By smokeorpass / July 15, 2022
Holy moly. Can you believe we’re in another summertime season? The sun is raging and our tasty clouds are flowing! Today, we’re going to lay 5 recipes of our favorite Fumari shisha blends to enjoy during the summer or any season.
Fumari shisha tobacco is extremely easy to prepare and even easier to mix up for custom creations.
Grab a notebook and get ready to ascend the rank of a shisha mixologist.

Caribbean ‘Celo

Caribbean Fumari

This is one of our freshest mixes from Fumari because it utilizes their latest flavor Caribbean Colada. If you didn’t know, their Caribbean recipe produces a creamy pineapple taste with notes of citrus and coconut.
What we like to do with this mix is bring out more citrus flavor with sacrificing the tropical sensation from the pineapple.
Limoncello delivers a delicious combination of sweet & sour lemon, so we like to use this unique taste as a mixer whenever it’s possible. 
We like to have fun with this mix and usually start off with a 25/75 ratio, with Caribbean taking the larger portion. After your first go at this mix, feel free to play around with the ratios and placement of the flavors.
Limoncello is usually sprinkled on top when we prepare this mix.


Spiced Mocha’nilla 

Spiced Fumari Mix

This is a TREAT. It’s a little decadent for a mid day summer session but it’s the perfect nightcap on any evening.
We’ll be using another new blend from the Fumari lineup with their Mochaccino flavor. In a solo flavor session, Mochachino produces a silky coffee profile with touches of chocolate and subtle spice. 
Are you ready for the fun?
We’re going to take this tasty blend and use the unique taste from one of their most popular flavors, Spiced Chai. This will give our Mochaccino bowl a warm chai kick and the combination of spices creates fireworks on your taste buds.
Your delicious drink is complete but before we slide it across the counter and yell for your name, we need to put some cream on top. We’ll be using some French Vanilla as our creamy touch and you won’t need a lot of it. 
You can mix the two main flavor profiles together before preparing the bowl or set them in the bowl side by side. 45/45 is our suggested ratio and leave the 10% for the Vanilla.


That’s A Zesty Papaya

Zesty Island Fumari Blend

Are you having friends over? Do you want to win the room over with an addictive mix?
Take this as another reminder to get your notebook out or bookmark this page. 
The use of sweet papaya fruit in the shisha is very rare unless you’re looking at the Fumari lineup. I can still remember to this day my first puff of Fumari Island Papaya and being completely blown away by the uniqueness of the melon profile.
Island Papaya is great by itself but, after a while you may want a little more action in the bowl and here’s where you win over the crowd. 
Mandarin Zest! It’s pulpy, bright, and very zesty. Does it mix well? Oh yeah and here’s how we do it.
The Mandarin flavor strength is strong so we don’t need too much in the recipe, otherwise those flashes of melon flavor will disappear.
25/60/15 that’s the ratio we’re rocking with today; Papaya is largest portion with the Zest at 25. What’s the third flavor at 15% you ask?
After having this mix a few times, we thought a splash of mint would really make it shine.
We won’t be using the regular Fumari Mint, instead we’ll be mixing it up with Fumari Sweet Mint. Go crazy with this one: side-by-side, mix it all together, or stack it like a sandwich.


Whauva Mint

 Guava White peach

Whoa buddy this is a Hookah-Shisha secret’re welcome.
We’re keeping this one short because it’s simple, yet flawless. Fumari White Peach is one of the best peach shisha flavors on any hookah menu. All we’re doing here is adding a little fresh Fumari Guava and give it a fresh bite from Fumari Citrus Mint.
We could prepare this mix with our eyes closed; the ratio is 32/32/36. You pick which flavor gets the extra 4%, or make it even but I don’t think that matters much in this equation.


Orange Sherbert 

 orange sherbert shisha

Let’s wrap this summer mix lineup with a sweet and creamy sherbet treat. This blend features the mysterious Ambrosia blend, a flavor so delectable it takes you on a wild ride through tropical clouds of fruits and cream. 
We’ll take this one-of-a-kind flavor and combine it with Fumari’s Orange Cream flavor to produce a vibrant combination. This is great as a 50/50 blend between the two flavors, especially if you’re looking to have a very creamy flavor profile.
If you like your Orange Sherbert with a little less cream, add in some Fumari Tangelo to the mix. Reduce the 50% Orange Cream to 25% and add 25% Tangelo to your bowl.


What's your favorite Fumari Mix?

Alright party people we've shown you our mixes and it's time for us to see your blends. Drop us a comment below with your favorite Fumari mix recipes, and if you're feeling fancy provide the ratio as well.

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