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Fumari Shisha Tobacco

Fumari Shisha FAQ

With bestselling shisha flavors such as W.G.B., Blueberry Muffin, Spiced Chai, and more, Fumari has been a powerhouse in the shisha market since 2002. Their use of golden, flue-cured Virginia tobacco leaves and high-quality liquid ingredients results in a shisha that delivers thick, white clouds and vibrant flavor throughout each and every smoke session. Fumari tobacco arrives in a flavor-locked, resealable pouch that keeps your flavors fresh and the tobacco juicy, and is perfect for those looking to explore the premium side of shisha; no matter their level of hookah experience.

Where is Fumari shisha made?

Fumari tobacco is produced in a state-of-the-art facility in San Diego, California. Since all of their hookah products are made in small batches, you can expect high-quality hookah tobacco flavor in each package.

What ingredients are in Fumari?

This shisha tobacco uses a premium blend of blonde leaf tobacco leaves, molasses, vegetable glycerin, and naturally-derived flavoring. This brand uses flavor-lock pouches for their hookah products to guarantee freshness.

How do I pack Fumari hookah tobacco?

Sprinkle the tobacco loosely into your hookah bowl, evenly filling it level with the inner bowl lip. Gently pack it down to just under the lip of the bowl. Making sure the shisha remains loose and is not packed too densely into your bowl will ensure proper airflow and allow for a better smoking session. This brand's recipe is very juicy, so we recommend using a phunnel hookah bowl for best results.

What are the best Fumari flavors?

The Fumari brand is known for its strikingly fresh flavors. This includes Ambrosia, Spiced Chai, Mint Chocolate Chill, Aloha Mango, and Lemon Mint. No matter what you choose, you'll be able to find delicious flavors and enjoy silky smooth smoke thanks to their use of premium ingredients. Shop for the best new deals on Fumari tobacco on our website.

Does Fumari contain nicotine?

Yes, Fumari shisha tobacco contains .05 percent nicotine by weight which is the typical amount for hookah tobacco. Most smokers experience a slight head buzz during their sessions. This amount of nicotine is perfect for those who just want to have a relaxing experience while smoking.

Where can I find the best hookah products?

You'll find all of the best hookah flavors and hookah products on our website. Shop for everything from hookahs to bowls, as well as shisha and charcoal. Check out some of the featured best hookah flavors and enjoy premium hookah tobacco for your next smoke session.

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