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The Best Tangiers Shisha Mixes

The Best Tangiers Shisha Mixes

By smokeorpass / May 9, 2022

We recently gave you all a taste of some of our favorite 5 Starbuzz tobacco flavors but we heard the feedback that you all wanted some new mixes. So, we've decided to unveil some of our favorite mixes that we've made this year and the brand that will kick things off is Tangiers Hookah Tobacco!

Tangiers has made one of the biggest impacts on the hookah tobacco market and they continue to impress fans daily. Their shisha tobacco packs a punch because it's a natural dark leaf blend with a much higher nicotine content than the average tobacco.

Unlike most tobacco brands there are some requirements that we want to lay out before we get too into this mix guide. For starters, we want to make sure that you have a phunnel style hookah bowl, as this will allow you to prepare your session in the most optimal fashion for a great Tangiers smoke.

Secondly, be prepared to apply some pressure when you load the shisha in your bowl. For those lengthy 2-4 hour smoke sessions, it's recommended that you utilize a dense pack method in your bowl prep.

Be sure to check out our packing tutorial video at the bottom of this blog for tips on how to prepare the perfect session. So, without further ado, let's get to mixing!


1. Cherry Limeade - Mimon (Cherry LIMON)

We'll begin with a mix that features a newbie and oldie, it's called Cherry Limon! For this combination you'll need an even 50/50 blend of Tangiers Cherry Limeade and Mimon. When you have your shisha laid out make sure to blend it well for this particular mix. You can still enjoy this smoke with a side by side bowl preparation but we feel like this flavor combo performs better when blended.

Cherry Limeade was introduced late in 2019 with 8 other blends and instantly shot up the popularity chart. A slightly sweet cherry blend with a very present lime flavor profile checked off the needs on our list, and now we're having fun with it.

The Cane Mint flavor is what put Tangiers on the map and it's used in mixes often, but we're going with Mimon this round. Sure, Cane Mint is colder and stronger, but we're going for a natural mint leaf taste instead of peppermint. Mimon gets it's name from the combination of Mint and Lemon, you get it? Mi-Mon?

When blended properly you'll create the greatest cold cherry lemon-limeade drink around!



2. 2005 Blueberry - Papaya Sorbet (Y2K5_Papaw)

Have you hopped in your time machine lately? The Tangiers 2005 Blueberry made it's way back onto the market a few years ago which produced a different taste experience in comparison to their regular Blueberry blend.

They're both great but we've been digging the 2005 variation a little more as it's not overly sweet, but it does create a unique creamy taste and texture on exhale. This is one of those Tangiers flavors that provides a great experience by it's lonesome, but we've utilized it with some other flavors and it's time to introduce our winning combo.

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare your taste buds for a blend that we like to call Y2k5_Papaw. The name is reminiscent to our 2005 late night Xbox Live sessions with those gamer tags that make you scratch your head. These nights were fueled by blueberry bowls, a lot of sweet melon, and an uncomfortable amount of energy drinks.

We're going back to those days but not as sweet, and with a touch of uniqueness. For this Tang combo the goal is to pick up some of those creamy notes from 2005 Blueberry and mash them up with the Papaya Sorbet.

The Papaya profile is weaker against the flavor strength of Blueberry so we do something a little special when we make this mix. You can go 50/50 or 60/40 with Papaya being the larger amount. We blend together the two flavors but leave enough space to place a top layer of Papaya above the blended mix. Grab a controller and prepare to score some wins with a delicious bowl. 


3. Leviathan/Blitzsturm - Jamaica (Lavandula Mallow)

It's the mid way point of our mix guide, so it's the perfect time to bring out the flowers! We've got a second new flavor from that recent release and this one caught us off guard. The shisha with a purple aura is known to the world originally as Leviathan but it will soon be known as Blitzsturm.

We had a chance to try this during its trial run and once we heard it was a lavender flavor, it was a "shut up and take my money" kind of moment. This site has been around since 2000 and we can count on one hand how many times a lavender flavor has come across our table. The delicious benefit here is that it's a mint and lavender combination with that classic Tangiers back note flavor profile.

Our Lavandula (lavender flower) is joining another floral mix to produce one of our favorite recent creations; Jamaica! We're not talking mon and there's no beaches around. Jamaica is actually one serious Hibiscus flavor that gets overlooked from time to time. The Hibiscus flower is from the mallow family and it has a taste profile similar to bright cranberry/strawberry when used for tea or food.

Have fun with this mix, and we'll recommend that you mix this blend up a little before packing your bowl but you're the chef. Just remember that the lavender mint is a menthol style of cooling and too much of it can cause for a sometimes unwanted chill factor. We've enjoyed this mix with the majority coming from Jamaica in a 60/40 and 70/30 ratio.



4. Lemon Tea - Kashmir Guajava (Spiced Yella T)

We're dropping nothing but gems here people so we hope you're taking notes. This blend might take a second to say it's given name Spiced Yella T, but once you try this blend you'll forgot about this silly name as you bask in the reality of how crazy this bowl tastes. 

Tangiers fans, like ourselves, had the pleasure of enjoying Lemon Tea back in the day, but at some point it just disappeared on us with no real return date.

It felt like decades once we were reunited with this blend in 2019 and it either has a better tea profile or we forgot how great it was. The lemon used for this mix is sweet and won't make you pucker but again this feels like a perfectly steeped cup of tea with the way that aroma is delivered.

Kashmir is one of those flavors you either love a lot or it's by far the furthest thing from anything you'll ever want to try again. We wish we didn't have to repeat this word again but it's unique, and there's really no other way to describe its impact. You're getting a session full of crazy earth tone spices, subtle cooling, and with Guajava (yellow guava & tropical fruit) in the mix, you also get fruit.

We thought the tea leaf taste of Lemon Tea was so impactful halfway through the bowl that Kashmir popped in our brain for a combo. You generally have multiple Kashmir flavor options within the Tangiers Noir collection and we've run through them all several times over. You can have some great sessions with the Kashmir Peach as an alternate but the Guajava will always reign supreme in our eyes for this mix.

If this is your first go around with the Kashmir scene, start light with your mix at around a 20-30% bowl fill. Any Tangiers fan will tell you it's a strong spice blend, but you'll have a better chance at perfecting the ratio after getting at least one session under your belt. Mix it up or side-by-side it and have fun.


5. It's Like That One Breakfast Cereal - Pineapple (It's Like That One Fruity Thang)

Now for a very sweet finale to our Tangiers mix recipe blog! We're going to utilize two classic blends that have always been at the top of their fan favorites list. We were introduced to "It's Like That One Breakfast Cereal (ILTOBC)" many moons ago, and the first question that hit everyone's mind was, WHICH CEREAL?!

The cereal industry is just as jammed packed with flavor options as the shisha market, so saying "That One" doesn't really narrow it down. Lucky for us and fans of this flavor, Tangiers went after a popular blend that features a tropical bird on it. If that wasn't a clear indication, they're also multicolored "loops". 

If you've ever had this cereal before you'll know that it isn't just one flavor profile in the spoonful, and the same can be said about the shisha mix. We're looking at a combination of lemon, cherry, a little citrus, and potential hit of grape that varies in detection by the user's palate. It is once again a flavor that can be thoroughly enjoyed in a solo setting but we're mixing today, and the next component is small but very impactful.

One of the sweetest Tangiers blends to come across our desk is their Pineapple. It's juicy to the scent and even juicier in the smoke. If you've never had it before be prepared to make it a couple times in a row. This blend is a long lasting flavor profile and we've enjoyed it mixed with several different Tangiers profiles but the combination that we speak of today is THE ONE.

You can have all the fun in the world with these two flavors. Mix them together, place them side-by-side, or layer the shisha in sections. Either way, with these two flavors in one perfectly packed bowl will leave you speechless.



How-To Prepare Tangiers

As we stated at the top of this blog, Tangiers hookah tobacco does require a little TLC and shisha storage containers. Check out the video above for a guide to making a delicious Tangiers session.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to let us know what your personal favorite Tangiers mixes are in the comments below. What's the next brand we should mix up?


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