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Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco

Starbuzz Shisha FAQ

A true household name in the hookah tobacco industry, Starbuzz earned their fame by being one of the first hookah brands to truly modernize the shisha market. Starbuzz shisha tobacco comes in a multitude of world-famous flavors such as Blue Mist and Pirate's Cave. Their decades of experience in the shisha-making game have resulted in a massive flavor selection filled with dozens of unique hookah products and blends that appeal to any palate. And with multiple size options available, buying Starbuzz shisha tobacco online is easy and efficient. Their top-quality tobacco will surely make the perfect addition to your hookah bowl.

Where is Starbuzz shisha made?

Starbuzz shisha is manufactured in the United States, specifically in the state of California. They have been a dedicated hookah brand since 2005, and their hookah products are rigorously tested to ensure your satisfaction. When it comes to Starbuzz tobacco, you can expect age-old tradition with a modern flair.

What ingredients are in Starbuzz?

Starbuzz shisha contains French Virginia tobacco, honey, glycerin, and their proprietary blend of flavoring extracts. Their ingredients and blends are what make them one of the best shisha brands on the market.

Does Starbuzz offer different product lines?

Yes. You can expect to shop from multiple shisha product lines, including Starbuzz Exotic, Starbuzz Bold, Starbuzz Serpent, and Starbuzz Vintage. The Exotic series is made with golden tobacco leaf for flavorful smoke with a light buzz. Starbuzz Bold is best for large, flavorful clouds. The Serpent line has flavors made from kettle-cured, dark-leaf tobacco for a polished, powerful flavor and a good amount of buzz. Starbuzz Vintage is also made from dark-leaf tobacco, but it focuses on rich, classy flavor profiles.

What are the best Starbuzz tobacco flavors?

The top Starbuzz hookah flavors include Blue Mist, Code 69, Geisha, Melon Blue, Mighty Freeze, Passion Fruit, Pirate's Cave, Wild Mint, and Sex on the Beach.

How do I pack Starbuzz shisha?

Sprinkle the tobacco loosely into your bowl using your fingers (or a shisha fork), evenly filling it level with the inner bowl lip before gently pressing it down to just beneath the rim. To prevent airflow issues, make sure the tobacco remains semi- loose and is not packed too densely in the bowl. For Starbuzz, we recommend using two to three pieces of natural charcoal or one to two pieces of quick-light charcoal.

Does Starbuzz contain nicotine?

Yes, Starbuzz shisha contains 0.05 percent nicotine, the average amount for hookah tobacco. Depending on your nicotine tolerance, you will experience a very mild head buzz when smoking Starbuzz.

What are some other Starbuzz hookah products?

Starbuzz isn't just known for its delicious shisha flavors. The brand also has other hookah products, including hookah pipes, accessories, and even hookah charcoal. Check out some of the other product pages on our site to see what the brand has to offer.

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