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Haze Hookah Tobacco - Which Haze Shisha Flavor Is Best For You?

Haze Hookah Tobacco - Which Haze Shisha Flavor Is Best For You?

By Gordon / May 28, 2014
Haze Shisha Tobacco has arrived, offering up delicious flavor that is not overbearing, good clouds, and a healthy amount of buzz. Haze tobacco is lovingly crafted in Stafford, TX, so you know it's fresh when we get it because it's coming from right down the road. The unique Haze N Stack can allows you to easily stack all your favorite Haze flavors, sealing in freshness while making storage compact and convenient. And if you're a Cheech & Chong fan, Haze has got you covered!

Limited Edition Cheech & Chong Flavors

Haze Double Bubble: Cool Bubble Gum Haze Still Smokin: Fusion of Red Berries with a hint of Pineapple Haze Sister Mary Elephant: Sour Candy with Berry overtones Haze Nice Dreams: Berry Margarita Haze Lite It Up: Intense Sweet Smoothie Haze Whooo Weee: Citrus Medley

Unique Haze Blended Flavors

Haze Hardcore: Burst of Fruit Haze Hazel Eyes: Mesmerizing Haze Lite It Up: Sweet Smoothie Haze OMG: Burst of Berry Haze Peachella: Peach and Vanilla Haze Quack Quack: Frozen Mixed Fruit Haze Secuction: Citrus Fruits Haze Summertime: Summertime Fruits Haze Sweet Melon Medley

Haze Mint Blend Flavors

Haze Blazen Blue: Cool Berry Flavor Haze Hazel Eyez: Simply Mesmerizing Haze Don Fizzle: Cool Mix of Sweet Fruits Haze Ice Berg: Cool Flavor with Exotic Fruits Haze Intensity: Cool Refreshing Spice Haze Le'Mint: Lemon Mint Haze Mint Haze Mint Fiesta: Spicy Mint Haze Peach Cooler: Cool Peach Haze Subzero: Breath Freshening Mint

Haze Cocktail Flavors

Haze Cucumberita: Cucumber Margerita Haze Haze Colada: Pina Colada Haze Trash Can Punch: Mixed Fruit

Haze Candy and Dessert Flavors

Haze Baby Doll: Candy with Floral Haze Bananarama: Banana Bread Pudding Haze Candylicious: Sweet Candy Haze Coco Roast: Roasted Coconut Dessert Haze Kazouza: Classic Cola Haze Orange Swirl: Orange Cream Haze Pumpkin Pleasure: Pumpkin Pie Haze Yummy Madness: Juicy Sweet Candy

Haze Fruit Flavors

Haze Black Berry Haze Candylicious Haze Cantaloupe Haze Cherry Haze Grape Haze Guava Haze Honey Dew Haze Kiwi Haze Lemon Haze Mango Haze Melon Blast Haze Passion Haze Peach Haze Pear Haze Pineapple Haze Plum Haze Pomegranate Haze Raspberry Haze Strawberry Haze Tangerine Haze Twice The Apple Haze Watermelon

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