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Haze Shisha Tobacco

Representing one of the highest quality modern shisha brands on the market, Haze hookah tobacco has been specializing in unforgettable shisha flavors made using gorgeous, golden leaf tobacco for over a decade. Originally produced in Houston, Texas, the production of Haze's shisha tobacco has since moved their production to Europe where they have continued their tradition of making quality hookah tobacco that delivers long-lasting flavor and some of the thickest smoke out there. Offering immensely popular hand-crafted blends such as SubZero, Cucumberita, Chaitastic, and more, they make it easy for any level of hookah smoker to discover why Haze is "simply the best."

Where is Haze shisha made? 

Originally made in Texas, USA, Haze tobacco is now produced in Poland under rigorous quality requirements.

What ingredients are used in Haze? 

Haze is crafted using high quality Virginia tobacco leaves blended with honey, vegetable glycerin, and their secret flavoring formulas.

How do I pack Haze shisha? 

Haze Tobacco is a "blonde leaf" tobacco that can be packed in any hookah bowl and benefits from a "fluff" pack. Sprinkle your shisha flavor into your bowl until filled to the bowl's inner rim. Haze is resilient to heat, so those looking for a slightly warmer session with thicker clouds can comfortably pack this tobacco slightly over the bowl's rim. Leaving the tobacco loose and not overly compacted helps protect from performance issues caused by lack of airflow and allows the heat to distribute more evenly. Visit our blog for more tips on packing Haze.

Does Haze shisha contain nicotine? 

Yes, Haze Tobacco contains .05 percent nicotine. You can expect a very mild head buzz when smoking this shisha.

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