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hooClub Rewards: What Is It and Why Should You Join

hooClub Rewards: What Is It and Why Should You Join

By two puff tony / June 8, 2022

Howdy hookah fans and welcome to another blog from Hookah-Shisha! Chances are, if you’re seeing this blog, then you’ve probably already heard at least some sort of mention of something called the “hooClub”. But even if you haven’t heard of it or aren’t quite sure what it is, that’s totally okay! We’re here to dive into exactly what the hooClub VIP loyalty program is, why you should join, how you can take advantage of it to the fullest, and more!

What exactly is hooClub?

To put it simply, hooClub is’s loyalty rewards program! It’s free to join and helps you get more out of your hookah shopping experience.  As you shop with us, you’ll have the opportunity to earn reward points through a variety of ways that you can put towards the cost of your order. This means that as you spend more at Hookah-Shisha, the more you can save on all your hookah supplies!

But that’s not all! Joining hooClub isn’t just about the points you earn while you shop. It’s also about becoming a VIP here at the world’s largest online smoke shop with access to a wide variety of exclusive perks. 

Exclusive hooClub Benefits and Discounts

As a hooClub VIP, you’re automatically enrolled to earn points with every purchase, but you’ll also gain access to a variety of benefits such as double points campaigns (like the one we're running on all Al Fakher shisha tobacco!) where you earn twice as many points on some of, or even all of, the items in your cart! We’ll also send you exclusive discount codes that we’ve created specifically for our VIPs that offer even more opportunities to save!

screenshot of an email with a blue amira hookah on top of exclusive offer text

What’s more, hooClub VIPs may receive early access (or even extended access) to sales and promos giving you more time to pick up a new hookah, save on shisha, snag some new accessories, or restock your supply of charcoal – all at a discount!

And we’re not done yet! We’re constantly brainstorming new ways to show our appreciation to all of our hooClub VIPs, so always keep an eye on your email inbox and to make sure you stay up to date on all the ways you can save as a member of hooClub!

How do I become a hooClub VIP?

Joining hooClub is as easy as could be! You are automatically enrolled in the hooClub loyalty program when you create an account on! You can do this either through the sign-up button on the hooClub rewards page or during checkout when placing an order. Once your account has been created, that’s all you need to do! You will automatically become a bronze-tier hooClub VIP and can start earning your exclusive rewards. We’ll even give you 25 points automatically just for signing up!

Note: If you place your order as a guest, you will not be enrolled in the hooClub loyalty program. But fear not! If you place an order using guest checkout, we’re keeping tabs on the points you’ve earned. Once you fully create an account with us (under the same email address that you used to place your previous orders) and become an official member of hooClub, your past-earned points will be available to use on your account!

What was that about a VIP tier?

Good catch! Joining hooClub is completely free and you’re automatically entered into the bronze tier, however, there are two additional levels of VIP tiers that you can reach when shopping at Hookah-Shisha – silver, and gold – each with their own unique perks! To reach the next level, all you’ll need to do is spend a minimum dollar amount at Hookah-Shisha over a 12-month period and you’ll automatically be upgraded based on how much you spend. 


When you first become a member of hooClub, you are automatically entered into the bronze VIP tier - the base level of our loyalty program. As a member of the bronze tier, you will receive 1 point for every $1 USD you spend at Hookah-Shisha and you will gain access to exclusive benefits and discounts (like the ones mentioned above) as well as other promos such as double points campaigns.

And every year on your birthday, we’ll celebrate with you by automatically giving a gift of 100 points directly to your Hookah-Shisha account – totally free of charge!


As soon as you spend at least $350 with Hookah-Shisha over a 12-month period, you will automatically become a silver tier hooClub VIP! As a member of the silver tier, you will receive a 1.25x multiplier on the points you earn from a purchase. This means that for every $1 USD you spend, you’ll receive 1.25 reward points! This is in addition to the exclusive deals you’ll receive – such as early access to sales and special discount codes – as a hooClub member. We'll also give you an extra 50 points just for earning your way into a higher tier!

And as a member of the silver tier, we’ll celebrate your birthday with you EVERY YEAR by automatically gifting 125 reward points directly to your account on your special day!


The gold tier is for all you true hookah fanatics out there! The moment you’ve purchased at least $1,000 worth of your hookah supplies from Hookah-Shisha in a 12-month period, you will level up to a gold-tier hooClub VIP! As a member of the gold tier, you will receive a 1.5x multiplier on the points you earn from every purchase. This means that for every $1 USD you spend, you will receive 1.5 points! This is in addition to all the exclusive deals you receive by being a member of the hooClub. We'll also give you an extra 50 points just for earning your way into a higher tier!

And as a member of the gold tier, we’ll gift you 150 reward points in celebration of your birthday EVERY YEAR!

Ways to Earn Rewards

There are many ways you can earn points as a hooClub VIP ranging from leaving a review, liking us on Facebook, and yes, simply making a purchase at Hookah-Shisha! We’ll give you the rundown on every way you can earn rewards with us so you can take full advantage of all the ways the hooClub loyalty program helps you save!

Make a Purchase

Placing an order at Hookah-Shisha is the easiest, and most reliable way, to earn rewards! For every $1 USD you spend, you will earn 1 point (or more if you’re a silver or gold tier VIP). These points will automatically be added to your account as soon as your order is shipped out of our warehouse and is officially marked as fulfilled. 

Create an Account

You can earn points simply by creating an account at Hookah-Shisha and joining the hooClub loyalty program! As soon as you create your account – either through the sign-up button on the hooClub rewards page or during checkout – 25 points will automatically be added to your rewards balance.

Note: If you completed your purchase as a guest during checkout, you will not be enrolled in the hooClub loyalty program or receive the 25 points by creating an account. You must sign-up for an account with Hookah-Shisha to be eligible for rewards.

Sign-Up for our Newsletter

We’ll send you a 10% discount for simply signing up for our newsletter! Enter your email address into our newsletter sign-up form then check your inbox for a code that takes a flat 10% off your order. We’ll also keep you in the loop with exclusive deals and all the latest offers from Hookah-Shisha.

Note: Signing up for our email newsletter does not enroll you in the hooClub VIP program. You must create an account by clicking the sign-up button on the hooClub rewards page or during checkout to enroll.

Celebrate Your Birthday!

We’re celebrating your special day by giving you the gift of savings! Every year on your birthday, we’ll add 100 points (or more if you’re a silver or gold tier VIP) right to your rewards balance – totally free of charge! Just let us know when the party is by entering your date of birth in the rewards module either on our hooClub loyalty page or in the “My Rewards & Referrals” module in your account details.

Note: You must be logged in to your Hookah-Shisha account in order to enter your birthday into the rewards system

Leave a Review

After you’ve completed and received your order from Hookah-Shisha, you may receive an email from us asking you to review one or more of the products you purchased, so keep an eye on your inbox! If you decide to leave us a review, whether it’s good or bad, you’ll receive 20 reward points as soon as it is published on our site!

But that’s not all! You can earn extra points from your review simply by including a photo or a video of the product. You’ll receive an extra 10 points if you attach a photo and an extra 20 points if you include a video!

Like Hookah-Shisha on Facebook

Do you have a Facebook? If you do, we’ll give you 5 reward points RIGHT NOW simply for liking our Facebook page! After logging into your Hookah-Shisha account, click on the button that can be found by hovering over the “Like on Facebook” module on the hooClub rewards page or in the “My Rewards & Referrals” tab in your account. Clicking this will take you to Facebook where you can like our page, after which, 5 points will automatically be added to your Hookah-Shisha rewards balance. 

Note: If you are not already logged in to Facebook in your internet browser, you may be prompted to log in before you are able to like our Facebook page

Refer a Friend

Do you know any hookah fans that you think should know about us? If you do, we’ll reward you for sending them our way! Refer your friends through email, social media, WhatsApp, or even your very own referral link and we’ll send you each $10! The person you refer will receive $10 off on their first order of $70 USD or more and you’ll earn $10 in reward points for each successful referral. Itching to let your friends know about us? You can find all the necessary referral links after logging in on the hooClub rewards page.

Note: To receive the $10 in reward points for a successful referral, the person you refer must place an order of at least $70. If a referral does not meet the minimum order criteria, you will not be eligible to receive the $10 in rewards.

How-To Redeem Your Points

Once you’ve earned some points through any of the methods listed above, you’ll have the opportunity to redeem your rewards when placing an order! During checkout under the “payment” tab, you will see your loyalty points balance as well as a drop-down menu to choose your reward. Here you will be able to redeem your points in $5 increments all the way up to $30 on a single order! Your chosen reward will be discounted off of your order total right there during checkout. You can confirm you are receiving your rewards by checking the total breakdown and looking at the discount details.

Note: Applying loyalty points will take the place of a discount code on your order. Currently, you are not able to use both a discount code and reward points on the same order

How much are my points worth?

Reward points are valued at $2.50 USD per every 100 points, so 200 points are equal to $5 USD, 400 points are equal to $10 USD, and so on. While silver tier and gold tier hooClub VIPs earn points multipliers, the redemption value will always remain the same no matter which tier you are a part of. 

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for sticking with us all the way to the end, and congratulations! You’re now an expert in all the different ways you can earn exclusive rewards and discounts simply by joining the hooClub loyalty program and becoming a full-fledged member of the Hookah-Shisha family. 

Have any additional questions about the hooClub rewards program? Check out our list of frequently asked questions listed on the hooClub rewards page or contact our friendly customer service team and we’ll be happy to assist!

Happy smoking!

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