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Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco

Al Fakher shisha tobacco is easily one of the best shisha brands on the market today and is one of our personal favorites. Al Fakher single-note shisha flavors are easy to prepare and can be smoked out of basically any hookah setup out there, so you won't need any fancy equipment to enjoy a delicious smoke session. Al Fakher focuses their flavor lineup on single-note flavors like blueberry, double apple, orange, and mint. This makes it easy for beginners to choose a flavor they'll enjoy while providing enough options for enthusiasts to create a near limitless amount of different shisha mixes.

Where is Al Fakher shisha made? 

Al Fakher is manufactured in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where it is then shipped all over the world. We receive our Al Fakher shisha directly from the manufacturer so you can rest assured that all of our flavors are completely genuine and authentic.

What ingredients are in Al Fakher? 

Al Fakher Tobacco is made using a combination of tobacco leaves, molasses, glycerin, and a variety of flavorings.

How do I pack Al Fakher shisha? 

Using your fingers or a small shisha fork, sprinkle the tobacco loosely into your bowl evenly filling it to the inner bowl lip. To prevent airflow issues, make sure the tobacco remains loosely in the bowl and is not packed too densely.

Does Al Fakher contain nicotine? 

Yes, Al Fakher (AF) shisha tobacco contains .05 percent nicotine by weight; the typical amount for hookah tobacco. You can expect a very mild, manageable head buzz when smoking AF.

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