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Nammor Old School Rotator: one of the best smoking hookahs around!

Nammor Old School Rotator: one of the best smoking hookahs around!

By Christophanes / March 24, 2009

People frequently ask us "What is the best hitting hookah you have?", to which we invariably answer "The Nammor Old School Rotator Hookah". While the Greeks referred to the god Zeus as the "cloud gatherer", with the Old School Rotator, you can steal his thunder by pulling your own rolling storm clouds of smoke, especially when the Old School teams up with the breathing ease of the Nammor hookah hose.  This one-of-a-kind hookah has established itself as one of our most reliable models in several ways:

Featuring one of the heaviest duty shafts you can find, the solid steel tray is incorporated into the shaft design for unmatched stability.  With a tray and base of the same diameter - larger than that of the glass base - if the hookah takes a minor spill, the glass base is less likely to contact the ground and stands a better chance of surviving. The real secret behind the popular draw to the Old School is...well...the popular draw!  As the shaft, downstem, and hose are merely pathways for air, a wider pathway means you can move more air with less effort.   The included Nammor hose (the hookah hose with the best draw) makes the airflow second to none.  With more air comes more smoke, and more smoke is what the Old School is all about.

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