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Shisha Review: Hydro Herbal Shisha - Dr. 23

Shisha Review: Hydro Herbal Shisha - Dr. 23

By Jono / January 12, 2011

The name is subtle. In that not really kind of way. It's obvious to most what Hydro Herbal Shisha is referring to. It's no secret Dr. Pepper has been on their "23" campaign kick since the start of their company. Hydro Herbal, the nicotine-free, tobacco-free shisha line is proud to announce their newest shisha flavor, Dr. 23 - their take on what I can only assume tastes like Dr. Pepper. Either that, or it tastes like Pepto-Bismol. Let's stop guessing and just smoke it and see, shall we? When I opened the 50g box of Hydro Herbal Dr. 23 shisha, I found my assumptions to be correct. Dr. 23 smelled like a Cherry Dr. Pepper! From the first rip to the last, Hydro Herbal Dr. 23 tasted like a very sweet cola. I could almost taste the carbonation. Which makes me wonder what's in it! Occasionally it tasted like a mixed drink. Intoxicating in a sense. But I have to tell you, you really do get that "hey I'm drinking a Dr. Pepper!" It reminds me of the time I played soccer when I was younger. After the game, I was so hot and thirsty that when I drank an ice cold Dr. Pepper, my mind was blown! It was by far the best soft drink I'd ever had!  I'm not sure why I decided to take you on a trip down Memory Lane with me.  Apparently Hydro Herbal Dr. 23 has nostalgic powers as well! Who knew? All in all, if you're a fan of Dr. Pepper, or colas in general, Hydro Herbal Dr. 23 shisha will not disappoint!  It's strong on the cola, easy on the sweet, and awesome on the flavor! Tell us what you think about it!  Leave us a comment below or post on our Facebook page!  Pop open a nice cold one and check out Dr. 23! Happy Smoking!

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