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What's Your Shisha Flavor Name?

What's Your Shisha Flavor Name?

By smokeorpass / June 15, 2015

Taking a scroll through your news feed you may come across the usual, "What's your ___" ( insert drink, character, or celebrity name) games, but we never see anything related to Hookah. Well today we are here to change that, and let you guys/girls figure out the name of your Shisha flavor based on your name and birth month.

There will be a great amount of unique flavor names created, and we would love to know what your new flavor contains. For example since my name is Shaunn and I was born in September, my shisha flavor would carry the name "Slap-Yo-Momma Mint". You can come up with your own mix using flavors that have never been created before, or use existing flavors currently on the market. I think for my "Slap-Yo-Momma Mint" mix, it would have to be a triple layer of Tangiers* Spearmint, Cane Mint, and Mint. (*All Noir)

Leave your mix idea in the comments below, and you may see it pop up in the Custom Mixology Shisha Section.

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