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Custom Shisha Mixes FAQ


Zesty Fumari Shisha Custom Shisha Mix

The Zesty Mix includes a cooling mint, a citrus mandarin zest, and fragrant ambrosia. If you're interested in creating your own custom blends, this is perfect for smoking at home or at a hookah lounge. It's a combination enjoyed by our fans and is a unique blend we can stand by!

Blueberry Encore Al Fakher Custom Shisha Mix

This blueberry mix from AF hookah tobacco begins with a pop of berry and includes mint and vanilla to top it all off. These shisha flavors complement each other for tasty results. It's a favorite in the hookah world thanks to the sweet tartness and creaminess.

Plum Imposturous Al Fakher Custom Shisha Mix

Try this plum and gum combo for that extra kick of yum! These are two completely unique flavors that are simple flavored tobaccos on their own but become a specialty mix when combined. The aroma of this custom mix alone is reminiscent of grape-flavored bubblegum.

Mighty Coco Starbuzz Custom Shisha Mix

For the ultimate buzz, Mighty Coco from Starbuzz is a specialty mix combining citrus mint and a dash of coconut. For new shisha flavors, these three favorites showcase the citrus flavor and cool mint in a way that's refreshing and unique.

Chill Its An Apple Social Smoke Custom Shisha Mix

Whether you're in a social setting at a hookah lounge or enjoying a bowl at home, having two juicy tobacco flavors can only be a great thing. Expect an exhale full of flavor with this bold pairing that is sure to become a popular blend among your friend group.

Deep Red Al Fakher Custom Shisha Mix

Did you know that you can create a custom mix shisha inspired by your favorite cocktail? AF hookah brings you shisha tobacco featuring grenadine, cherry, and mint. Create custom blends that taste like delicious alcoholic beverages, or mix together your favorite syrupy flavors.

Fuhgetaboutit Al Fakher Custom Shisha Mix

This shisha tobacco mix is one you'll never forget. Achieve those tropical island flavors with Fuhgetaboutit thanks to the citrus mint, watermelon, and kiwi hookah tobacco pouches.

Melle Mojito Al Fakher Custom Shisha Mix

AF released Mojito to highlight several different tropical notes. But the custom blends from this premium brand don't stop there. This mix includes mojito, melon, and lemon for a refreshing lime and fruit-filled smoke session.

Carduava Apple Al Fakher Custom Shisha Mix

The flavor of two apple and mint hookah tobacco is highlighted by notes of guava and cardamom spice. The double apple combination creates a unique blend of fruity goodness. Feel free to play around with these hookah products to achieve your ideal taste and aroma!

Grapeful Dead Company Al Fakher Custom Shisha Mix

Grapeful Dead from Al Fakher Tobacco features grapefruit mint, orange citrus, and pineapple. The sweet mint balances out a good amount of grapefruit. The main focus of this blend is on the tart smoothness of the tropical produce.

Mango Caliente Social Smoke Custom Shisha Mix

Impress your peers with this exotic custom mix. Mango Caliente includes a mango habanero tobacco product along with the ripe freshness of a California peach. These are two shisha tobacco products that blend well together and provide you with a hint of spice without losing the juiciness of the mango and peach.

Mandarin Citrus Chill Fumari Custom Shisha Mix

Enjoy our specialty mix of mandarin, citrus mint, and lemon for that awesome zesty exhale full of flavor! Each pouch is packed full of deliciousness. The Fumari three-pack allows you to create multiple custom blends to your liking.

A custom shisha mix is a blend of hookah flavors that have been specifically customized or bundled together to create delicious new flavors. This can be done in a variety of ways, and you can easily check out our special hookah blends online. Create your own custom mix by choosing a flavor and adding other hookah tobacco to create a unique shisha blend. Custom blends have a more intense flavor profile than single-note shisha tobacco because it's a mix of several different pouches for bold new tastes. This can make for a more enjoyable smoking experience.

If you can't find pre-made hookah products that suit what you're looking for, you can create your own with our custom shisha tobacco mixes. For example, you can buy a custom mix from our site and blend 50 percent apple tobacco with 25 percent grape and 25 percent cherry to create a custom mix called "Apple Cherry Grape." Many smokers enjoy these custom blends because they can create a flavor profile that is unique to their taste buds.

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