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Kaloud Hookah Bowls

Kaloud Hookah Bowls FAQ

In 2012, Kaloud changed the way people smoke shisha with the release of the original Kaloud Lotus, a heat management device (HMD) made to regulate the transfer of heat from charcoal to shisha. Since then, they've released new and improved versions of their original design and created a line of silicone hookah bowls made specifically for the Lotus. Known as the Samsaris Vitria hookah bowl, this series of silicone phunnel bowls are made using long-lasting materials and feature a variety of inserts, including ones made from glass and aluminum. Kaloud bowls also include a lifetime manufacturer warranty. Snag one of the best hookah accessories on the market today and learn why these silicone bowls are the perfect companion for your Kaloud Lotus HMD.

Where is Kaloud based?

Kaloud is based in Los Angeles, California. Whether you're looking to buy a hookah bowl or a heat management system, they design and engineer all of their products in the United States.

What is a "phunnel" hookah bowl?

"Phunnel" bowls are designed with one large air intake hole that sits in the middle of the bowl just above the shisha. This allows for excellent airflow and unique heating. The raised design traps juices in the flavor chamber and results in longer-lasting, better-tasting sessions with thicker clouds of smoke. This design also allows the smoke to swirl around inside the bowl, which results in cooler and more flavorful puffs.

What are Kaloud hookah bowls made out of?

Kaloud hookah bowls are made using a high-quality silicone sleeve combined with either glass, aluminum, or ceramic insert. Some of the designs feature notches, allowing a snug connection to the HMD. Regardless of which bowl you choose for your Lotus, you'll find that every genuine Kaloud product is built to last. When it comes to your hookah sessions, the fear of breaking your bowl when using your Kaloud Lotus is now a thing of the past.

Which Kaloud bowl is compatible with my Lotus heat management device?

Kaloud makes different "versions" of both the bowls and their heat management devices. So, you'll need to double-check which version you have or are getting. A Vitria for Lotus I+ is compatible with Lotus I+, and a Vitria for the Lotus II is compatible only with the Lotus II. Not sure whether you have a Lotus I+ or Lotus II? Reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team to ensure that the items you're picking up are compatible with your equipment.

How do I clean Kaloud hookah bowls?

Rinsing with hot water and soap will easily clean your Kaloud bowls. You can also use a kitchen sponge to scrub off any tougher residue if needed. When using the glass Kaloud Samsaris Vitria bowl for Lotus I or Lotus II, allow the bowl to fully cool off before cleaning to avoid damage caused by temperature shock to the glass.

How do I file a warranty claim with Kaloud?

To take advantage of Kaloud's lifetime manufacturer warranty, you'll first need to register your products through their warranty registration page. After registering your genuine Kaloud product, they'll email you with further instructions on how to file a warranty claim on your Kaloud hookah bowls.

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