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Wish it was easier to get cleaner flavor from your shisha? Want to take the "guesswork" out of managing your charcoal? If that sounds like you, then you've landed in exactly the right place! Our collection of only the best hookah heat management devices (also known as HMDs) and bowl screens provide aluminum foil alternatives that reduce the amount of charcoal taste in your bowl, improve the overall flavor, increase the burn time of your coals, and provide thick clouds of smoke - all in one easy to use device! With innovative designs for a variety of bowls like the Kaloud Lotus, it's easy for any level of hookah smoker to pick up an HMD and see how they revolutionized the way the world smokes shisha.

What is a hookah heat management device? 

A heat management device (HMD) is a hookah accessory that acts as a replacement for aluminum foil when smoking. They are designed to act as a sort of "oven" that allows your hookah charcoal to evenly heat the shisha in your bowl while reducing charcoal flavors, improving flavor, and prolonging the life of your coals. Many models also feature a lid with vents that can be rotated to easily adjust heat levels during your session.

Will a heat management device work with my hookah bowl? 

Not all heat management devices (HMDs) are compatible with all hookah bowls. Most HMDs require a hookah bowl with either a 3-inch diameter or a specially designed "lip" to hold the device, however, there are some exceptions. You can find our collection of HMD-compatible hookah bowls here. To find out the exact measurements and compatibility of your hookah bowl with an HMD, check out the product descriptions or contact our friendly customer service team for assistance.

How do I clean a heat management device? 

For minor cleaning after each session, you can use a brillo pad or some rough steel wool to scrub off the burnt shisha residue from the bottom of your HMD. For tougher, more caked-on residue, allow your HMD to soak in hot water and dish soap for at least an hour to loosen up the residue before scrubbing. Over time, it is normal for a heat management device to develop slight discoloration - this will not affect its quality or performance.

Can I use a hookah bowl without foil? 

Yes. A hookah heat management device (HMD), like the Kaloud Lotus, can act as a replacement for hookah foil. In most cases, HMDs offer cleaner flavor and longer-lasting smoke sessions as compared to traditional aluminum foil.

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