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Dream Hookah Hoses

Dream Hookah Hoses FAQ

The Dream hookah company is widely credited as the original creators of silicone hookah hoses with their widely known glass-tipped model. Though they have since retired their original design, Dream continues to dominate the hose market with undeniable quality and a variety of washable hose variations. From their most popular model, the Aluminum Dream hose (D-Hose), to hoses with hybrid handles and even ones made from both wood and resin, Dream hookah hoses make it easy for any hookah smoker to experience clean, great-tasting shisha flavor and easy inhales throughout every smoke session.

What are Dream hoses made out of?

Dream hoses are made using high-quality, medical-grade silicone tubing. Depending on the model you choose, the handle can be made from aluminum, resin, silicone, and wood.

Are Dream hoses washable?

Yes, all Dream hookah hoses are entirely washable.

How do I wash a Dream hookah hose?

Dream hoses can be cleaned after every session by simply running hot water through one end of the hose and out the other. For tougher stained flavors, you can achieve a deeper clean by using lemon juice and baking soda inside your hose. Use immediately after cleaning or allow to hang dry completely overnight to avoid trapped moisture in your hose.

Will a Dream hose work with my hookah? 

Most likely, yes! Dream hoses fit universally across a vast number of hookahs with a few rare exceptions such as antique hookahs, custom hookahs, or glass hookahs that may require a hose adapter. Depending on the style of your hookah, you may need to use a different rubber hose grommet to ensure a tight seal between your hose and hose port.

Do Dream hoses have an open or restricted draw? 

Dream hookah hoses feature a moderately wide-gauged opening on their hoses, so in turn, you will experience a more open draw when smoking.

Do Dream hoses come with a rubber hose grommet? 

No, Dream hoses do not include a rubber hookah hose grommet. You can find our selection of hose grommets here.





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