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MYA Hookah Hoses

MYA Saray Hookah Hoses FAQ

With Mya Saray being one of the longest-standing names in hookah, it comes as no surprise that they would make their own collection of affordable hookah hoses as well. They offer a range of styles including classic, leather-wrapped hose designs, washable silicone hoses, and even a "freeze" hookah hose! No matter what type of session you create, MYA will be there to provide a high-quality hookah hose for any occasion.

What are MYA hoses made out of? 

MYA hoses will vary on the materials used. The traditional stamped MYA hoses are made from vinyl leather wrapped around a metal coil. The washable MYA hoses have tubing made from high-grade silicone. The hose handles can be made from a variety of different materials such as wood, aluminum, and rubber.

Are MYA hookah hoses washable?  

MYA has non-washable and washable hoses. The traditional leather-wrapped MYA hoses (like the ones that come with their hookahs) are not washable. The MYA hoses which have silicone tubing are entirely washable. To find out if your MYA hose is washable, take a look at its respective product page or contact our friendly customer service team and we'll be happy to assist.

Will a MYA hose work with my hookah?  

MYA hookah hoses are virtually universal and can be used across a variety of different hookah pipes. That being said, there are some rare exceptions such as custom or antique hookahs, as well as some glass models that may require an adapter. Depending on the shape of your hookah's hose port, a different style of rubber hose grommet may be needed to ensure a good seal between your hookah and hose.

What is a "freeze" hose? 

A "freeze" hose generally has a handle that allows for it to be cooled - either by leaving it in your freezer for a while or by using freezable capsules - to help further cool your smoke as it travels through the hose.

Do Mya hoses have an open or restricted draw? 

MYA offers both restricted and open hookah hoses when it comes to the draw. The more traditional leather-wrapped hoses provide a more restricted draw while the silicone hoses typically allow for a more open, easier inhale.

Do MYA hoses come with a grommet? 

No, MYA hookah hoses do not include a rubber grommet. You can find our selection of different hose grommets here.





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