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Shisha House Hookah Hoses

Shisha House Hookah Hoses FAQ

Available exclusively here at Hookah-Shisha, this collection of hookah hoses from Shisha House offers a variety of different silicone hoses that deliver smooth, open draws and clean flavor from your shisha - all without breaking the bank. With a variety of modern hose styles that feature washable, soft-touch silicone tubing and machined aluminum handles, Shisha House has earned its reputation as one of the best entry-level hookah accessory brands on the market today. Interested in more than just Shisha House hoses? Check out their massive selection of affordable hookah bowls.

What are Shisha House hoses made out of? 

Shisha House hookah hoses are made using high-quality, soft-touch silicone hose tubing and machined aluminum for the hose handles.

Are Shisha House hookah hoses washable?  

Absolutely! All Shisha House hoses are entirely washable.

How do I clean a Shisha House hookah hose? 

Shisha House hoses should be cleaned after every session by running hot water through one end of the hose and out the other. For tougher stained flavors, you can achieve a deeper clean by using lemon juice and baking soda inside your hose. Use immediately after cleaning or allow to hang dry completely overnight to avoid trapped moisture in your hose.

Will a Shisha House hose work with my hookah? 

Most likely, yes! For the most part, Shisha House hookah hoses are universal across the large majority of hookahs (with the right hose grommet). That being said, there can be some rare exceptions such as custom hookahs, antique hookahs, or some glass hookahs that may require the use of a hose adapter. Want to make sure a hose is compatible with your hookah setup? Reach out to our friendly customer service team and we'll be happy to assist.

Do Shisha House hoses have an open or restricted draw? 

Shisha House hookah hoses feature a more open draw that provides easy inhales.

Do Shisha House hoses come with a rubber grommet? 

No, Shisha House hoses will not come with a rubber hookah hose grommet. You can find our available hose grommets here.

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