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B2 Hookahs

B2 Hookahs FAQ

When it's time to upgrade your hookah sessions, look no further than the premium collection of hookah pipes offered by B2 Hookahs. Constructed using some of the highest grade materials money can buy, every B2 undergoes a rigorous quality assurance inspection before being shipped out of their manufacturing facility alongside an additional inspection before it leaves our warehouse. Their modern designs are packed full of quality features such as included diffusers, threaded parts that are easily disassembled for maintenance, unique coal trays, and wide gauge down stems that deliver some of the smoothest clouds this side of the Mississippi. Each hookah includes a unique serial number laser-etched directly into the stem, alongside a card of authenticity, so you can be sure that your B2 Hookah was made with the highest level of care.

Where are B2 hookahs made? 

B2 hookahs are produced in small batches out of California in the USA!

What are B2 hookahs made out of? 

B2 Hookahs are CNC machined using high-grade stainless steel or aluminum, depending on the model.

What is CNC? 

CNC machining is the process of using a computer-powered tool to produce a part (hookah parts in this case) made from a solid block of material such as stainless steel or aluminum. It produces pieces that are designed to specific measurements with little to no margin of error resulting in a hookah where each part effortlessly and seamlessly fits together.

What comes with a B2 hookah? 

Every model of B2 comes included with the hookah stem, a B2 coal tray, and a washable silicone B2 hookah hose. The B2 Reaper comes included with its own glass base, however, bases for the other models are sold separately. To find a base that matches your ideal aesthetic, take a peek at our wide variety of hookah bases.

Which bases are compatible with a B2 hookah?

All B2 hookahs, except the B2 Reaper, are compatible with "large" glass bases measuring ~11-12 inches tall with an opening diameter of ~1.75-2 inches. Other than the base it comes with, the Reaper hookah is only compatible with a select few Mya hookah bases such as the Bambino glass base. Need help finding a compatible base for your B2? Reach out to our customer service team and we'll be happy to assist.

How do I clean a B2 hookah? 

Since B2s are made out of either aluminum or stainless steel, there are no special cleaning requirements. Disassemble your B2 hookah where possible and then, using warm water, soap (or lemon juice), and a cleaning brush, scrub your hookah inside and out. Rinse well with warm water and allow to dry. For more information on how to keep your B2 sparkling clean, check out our blog on hookah cleaning and maintenance.

My hookah stem is loose and moves around in the base, how do I fix it? 

Many glass bases are made by hand, so there can be slight variations in how well your stem and base fit together. In most cases, a better fitting base grommet is all that is needed to fix this issue. You can find our available selection of hookah grommets here. Need additional help getting your base to fit? Reach out to our friendly customer service team.

B2 Hookahs




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