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Regal Hookahs

Regal Hookahs FAQ

Regal Hookahs are the perfect fusion of anodized aerospace-grade aluminum and hand-lathed wood. Each stem encases a wide gauge, stainless steel down stem that delivers some of the cleanest, smoothest hits you can get from a hookah. These natural hardwood stems are crafted using environmentally-conscious techniques using only wood from fallen trees. The natural grain of the wood varies from stem to stem, giving you the type of unique design that only nature itself can create. With our selection of Regal hookahs for sale from standalone stems and complete hookah packages, like the Regal Queen, you too can experience why Regals are widely considered one of the best hookah brands by enthusiasts across every continent (except maybe Antarctica, we haven't made our way down there yet to take a poll).

Where are Regal hookahs made? 

Every Regal hookah is handmade in California in the USA!

What are Regals made out of? 

Regal hookahs are made using reclaimed natural hardwood, aerospace-grade aluminum, and the highest quality stainless steel. Regal only uses recycled wood from fallen trees and buildings, so you can rest assured that no trees were harmed in the making of your hookah pipe.

What is reclaimed wood? 

Reclaimed wood is lumber that has been recycled and repurposed beyond its original use using special techniques to maintain the quality and durability of the wood.

How do I care for wood hookahs? 

Wooden hookahs are finished with a protective coating that protects the wood from minor scuffs, deterioration and most mild forms of environmental damage. This allows you to clean a wood hookah just like one made entirely of metal, i.e. using soap and water alongside cleaning brushes. After cleaning, make sure to dry the wood exterior using a cloth or paper towel to avoid overexposure to moisture. The clear finish will have no problem holding up against mild surface water exposure, however prolonged soaking or other forms of extreme water exposure may damage the wood. For more information on caring for your shisha pipe, check out our blog on hookah cleaning and maintenance.

What do Regal hookahs come with? 

Our Regal hookah packages contain everything you need to fire up a smoke session as soon as you receive your order. Each hookah includes a stem, glass base, washable silicone hookah hose, a ceramic phunnel hookah bowl, a coal tray, and all the grommets you'll need to make your hookah airtight. You can also expect to receive our collection of free gifts that include a small pack of shisha flavor, hookah charcoal, tongs, pre-punched aluminum foil, and a stem cleaning brush!

Which bases are compatible with Regal hookahs? 

All Regal hookahs are compatible with "large" glass hookah bases measuring ~11-12 inches tall with an opening diameter of ~1.75-2 inches. Need help finding a base? Reach out to our customer service team and we'll be happy to help!

My hookah stem is loose and moves around in the base, how do I fix it? 

Many glass bases are made by hand, so there can be slight variations in how well your stem and base fit together. In most cases, a better fitting base grommet is all that is needed to fix this issue. You can find our available selection of hookah grommets here. Need additional help getting your base to fit? Reach out to our friendly customer service team.

Regal Hookahs




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