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Hookah Charcoal Burner FAQ

Are you tired of using blowtorches, or even worse, a cigarette lighter to ignite your hookah coals? If so, you're in the right place! Here at Hookah-Shisha, you'll find a variety of electric hookah coal heaters that are specifically designed to light both quick lighting and natural hookah charcoal quickly and evenly. From smaller, more personal size charcoal heater to large, heavy-duty coal burners that can light twenty coals at one time, you'll find all your charcoal lighting needs here.

Why do I need a hookah charcoal burner? 

Some hookah charcoal, such as natural hookah coals, cannot be lit using a normal flame lighter, and will therefore require the use of an electric charcoal burner.

What is the voltage on a hookah charcoal burner? 

All of our coal burners are designed for 120-volt electrical outlets, the standard voltage for an outlet in the USA. If your electrical outlets do not meet this standard, using one of our burners may require the use of an outlet adapter.

How do I light hookah coals with an electric charcoal burner? 

To light hookah coals with a burner, simply place your desired amount of charcoal directly on the burner coil or metal tray. Turn your burner to the highest setting and after a few minutes, your coals will start to light around the edges. Once halfway lit, flip your coals with metal tongs to light the other side. Depending on the type of charcoal you're using and the strength of your burner, it can take 7-12 minutes to fully light hookah coals.

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