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Fantasia Shisha Tobacco

Fantasia Shisha FAQ

Providing sweet, cloudy smoke sessions, Fantasia shisha tobacco has been a staple in the hookah market for over a decade. Fantasia boasts best selling shisha flavors such as 4Play, Magic Dragon, Firecracker, and more. With over 100 unique, honey-based hookah tobacco flavors, they offer easy-to-prepare blends fit for every type of flavor palate. Their juicy, low-nicotine formula produces tasteful clouds that can easily be enjoyed by smokers at any experience level. Discover your favorite Fantasia tobacco blends and check out some of the most exotic flavors in the hookah industry.

Where is Fantasia shisha made?

Fantasia is manufactured in the United States. Every package of Fantasia shisha flavors is made with premium quality tobacco, FDA-compliant, and USA-made.

What ingredients are in Fantasia?

Fantasia uses high-quality tobacco, honey, vegetable glycerin, and flavoring to make their shisha flavors.

What are the best Fantasia hookah flavors?

Many Fantasia flavors are trademarked and protected to ensure exclusivity and uniqueness that can't be duplicated. You'll find premium hookah flavors from this shisha brand, including Blueberry Ice, Magic Dragon, Rainbow Burst, Cotton Candy, Wild Mango, and Cactus Breeze. There are so many mouth-watering flavors to choose from, and every smoker is sure to find one that they love.

Why should I choose Fantasia shisha over other brands?

If you're looking for a juicy, low-nicotine formula for shisha, then Fantasia is your best option. They have exotic flavors that serve as a cutting-edge twist to traditional tastes. Explore flavor profiles like grapefruit and grape, fruit punch, pineapple and banana, and blue raspberry with pine. These sweet mixes blaze the trail for creative combinations on the hookah market.

How do I pack Azure hookah tobacco?

Packing your shisha tobacco just right is the best way to ensure you're making the most out of your hookah sessions. Here are some step-by-step instructions for packing this shisha brand's tobacco products to ensure delicious and juicy clouds of thick smoke:

  • 1. Evenly and loosely sprinkle the flavor into your hookah bowl.
  • 2. Fill it up to just below the lip of the bowl.
  • 3. Make sure the tobacco is not packed too densely and fluff it up lightly if it is. This will help prevent airflow issues and contribute to a better-performing smoke session.
  • 4. Smoke and inhale!

Does Fantasia contain nicotine?

Yes, Fantasia hookah shisha has .05 percent nicotine by weight, which is typical for shisha smoking. Fantasia's flavors are perfect for both beginners and experienced hookah smokers alike. And their hookah products have some of the most enticing options.

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