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Hydro Herbal Shisha

Hydro Herbal Shisha FAQ

Hydro Herbal Shisha has been the industry leader in delivering a tobacco-free,nicotine-free hookah smoking experience. They offer a wide range of popular hookah shisha flavors that satisfy any palate, using an herbal alternative instead of the traditional tobacco leaves. Though their recipe is largely kept top-secret, sugar cane fiber, known as bagasse, is used as the base due to its similarity in performance compared to tobacco leaves. This is perfect for hookah smokers wanting to experience delicious flavor and clouds without the head buzz. It's time for you to experience why Hydro Herbal Molasses Shisha reigns as the king of tobacco-free shisha.

What ingredients are in Hydro Herbal Shisha?

This herbal shisha brand is made using similar ingredients to standard shisha tobacco, just without the tobacco leaves. It's made using a proprietary blend of chopped-up sugar cane, molasses, vegetable glycerin, and flavoring.

How do I pack Hydro Herbal Shisha?

This shisha can be packed the same way as most other hookah tobacco brands! Loosely sprinkle the shisha into your hookah bowl, filling it up to or below the inner bowl lip. Making sure your shisha is not packed down too densely will help prevent airflow issues and contribute to a better-performing hookah session. We recommend using two to three pieces of natural hookah coals or one to two chips of quick-lighting coals for the best results.

Does Hydro Herbal Shisha contain nicotine?

No! It's entirely tobacco-free therefore nicotine-free, so you will not experience any nicotine buzz when smoking.

What flavors does Hydro Herbal Shisha come in?

Herbal shisha comes in a variety of herbal molasses flavors, such as Hydro Peach, Majestic Grape, Flower Power, Red Venom, Melon Dew, Molly Mint, Hydro Purple, BDC, and Blue Viper.

What is herbal molasses shisha?

Molasses is a thick, black syrup made during the process of refining sugar cane. The juice is boiled to remove the water and crystallized to form sugar granules. The molasses left over is a thick, black syrup. Herbal molasses shisha is made by blending herbs such as sugar cane pulp, tea leaves and sometimes even fruit, with molasses. The herbs are then ground and steeped in the molasses until the desired flavor is achieved.

Is Hydro Herbal hookah shisha made in the United States?

Yes! Hydro Herbal is made in the United States of America with the finest organic herbs and flavoring.

How many bowls does a 250-gram tin give me?

Each tin of Hydro Herbal molasses shisha contains 250 grams, giving you roughly 15 to 20 packed hookah bowls compared to a 50g box which typically yields about two bowls. Keep in mind that the size of the bowl you are using will alter these amounts.

What are the benefits of smoking herbal shisha?

Because it doesn’t contain tobacco, it's considered to be a better alternative for some people. The glycerin and molasses also helps keep the herbs moist, which results in a smoother and more flavorful smoking experience.

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