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MYA Shisha Tobacco

Mya Saray is known around the world for their collection of popular hookah pipes and is now bringing their decade's worth of expert knowledge into their very own line of flavored hookah tobacco! Offering a "blonde" leaf blend of tobacco that delivers full-flavored smoke, MYA shisha is easy to use and provides a very mild, manageable head buzz suited to even the newest hookah smokers. Once you smoke MYA's premium collection of flavors you'll quickly discover why their modern shisha has quickly become a staple in the European hookah scene.

Where is MYA shisha made?  

MYA Hookah Tobacco is manufactured in Germany by dedicated shisha experts who carefully ensure each batch meets their quality standards.

What ingredients are in MYA hookah tobacco? 

MYA hookah tobacco is made using high-quality, German raw tobacco leaves, honey, vegetable glycerin, and natural flavorings.

How do I pack MYA shisha?  

Sprinkle the tobacco loosely into your hookah bowl using your fingers (or a shisha fork), evenly filling it so it is level with the inner bowl lip. To prevent airflow issues and ensure optimal performance during your session, make sure the tobacco remains loose and is not packed too densely in the bowl. We recommend using a phunnel hookah bowl due to MYA shisha's juicy formula.

Does MYA shisha contain nicotine? 

Yes, MYA hookah tobacco contains .05 percent nicotine by weight; the average amount for a blonde leaf shisha tobacco.





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