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MYA Shisha Tobacco

MYA Shisha FAQ

MYA Saray is known around the world for their collection of popular hookah pipes and is now bringing their decade's worth of expert knowledge into their very own line of flavored MYA shisha tobacco! Offering a blonde leaf blend of tobacco that delivers full-flavored smoke, MYA shisha tobacco is easy to use and provides a very mild, manageable head buzz suited to even the newest hookah smokers. Once you smoke MYA's premium collection of flavors you'll quickly discover why their modern tobacco has quickly become a staple in the European hookah scene.

Where is MYA tobacco made?

MYA's hookah tobacco is manufactured in Germany by dedicated industry experts who carefully ensure each batch meets their quality standards. This results in a tobacco blend that's consistently smooth and flavorful with every bowl. In addition to the superior quality of tobacco, MYA's line of hookahs is also made with high-quality materials and construction techniques, ensuring they're both durable and beautiful.

What ingredients are in MYA hookah tobacco?

MYA tobacco is made from the highest quality German leaves, which gives it a smooth, rich taste. The tobacco is blended with honey and glycerin to produce a unique smoking experience.

What flavors of MYA hookah are available?

MYA tobacco is available in a variety of flawless flavors, including but not limited to:

  • 1. Big Apple: This product provides an intense, flavorful experience of double apple
  • 2. Citrus Dream: This delicious hookah tobacco mixture carries a tart lemon note, with an added sweetness from the complimentary hint of mint.
  • 3. Groovy Grape: Once you begin smoking Groovy Grape tobacco, the most modern fruitiest flavors of natural grapes will keep you coming back for more.
  • 4. Red Dragon: This mellow mixture combines the sweet taste of watermelon with a refreshingly icy finish.
  • 5. Vegas H20: Gather your friends and get together for the ultimate Vegas experience with these unique flavors of Passion Fruit, Cantaloupe, and Strawberry.
  • 6. Good Time Line: Enjoy a tantalizingly tart lime flavor with minty tones and a special surprise at the end.

How do I pack MYA shisha tobacco?

Sprinkle the tobacco loosely into your hookah bowl using your fingers (or a shisha fork). Spread it around until it's level but just below the lip of the bowl. To prevent airflow issues and ensure optimal performance during your session, make sure the hookah tobacco remains loose and isn't packed too densely in the bowl. For optimal performance, we recommend using a phunnel hookah bowl due to MYA shisha tobacco's juicy formula.

Does MYA shisha contain nicotine?

Yes, MYA hookah shisha contains .05 percent nicotine by weight; the average amount for blonde leaf shisha tobacco. This means that each bowl of hookah tobacco will contain approximately 0.025 mg of nicotine. MYA hookah is made of the finest tobacco from around the world and blended with the most delicious and exotic flavors. Blonde leaf shisha tobacco is known for its smooth and mellow flavor and is a great choice for those looking for a lower nicotine option.





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