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Mya Saray Hookahs

Offering tried and tested designs that have been in use for over a decade alongside newer, more contemporary creations, the MYA collection of hookahs is a fan favorite among first-time hookah buyers. Affordable and durable, MYA hookahs provide consistent quality and reliable performance in every model making them one of the best beginner hookah brands on the market. Even today, many long-time hookah veterans fondly remember their first sessions out of models like the QT and Bambino, ourselves included!

How do I assemble a MYA hookah? 

While every hookah is different, we’ve created an in-depth step-by-step hookah setup video tutorial to help you get started on putting your setup together. Most hookahs we carry can be assembled by following these basic guidelines.

Can I add another hose to a MYA hookah?

Many Mya Saray hookahs can be converted into multi-hose hookahs through the addition of a Mya auto-seal hose adapter! The description for each specific model will tell you if your chosen hookah is multi-hose capable and which adapter is needed, or you can check out our collection of multi-hose hookah packages.

Does hookah height affect cloud output?

Contrary to popular belief, the height of a hookah does not typically affect smoke production. While the height of a hookah can affect the feel of the draw or "pull" when smoking, it will not affect overall cloud output. With a well-packed bowl and proper heat management practices, a small hookah can smoke just as well as a larger, full-size pipe.

What do MYA hookahs come with? 

Our MYA hookah packages contain everything you need to start smoking as soon as your order arrives. Each hookah includes a stem, glass base, non-washable hookah hose, a ceramic MYA hookah bowl, coal tray, and all the grommets you'll need to make your hookah airtight. You can also expect to receive our collection of free gifts that include a small pack of shisha flavor, hookah charcoal, tongs, pre-punched aluminum foil, and a stem cleaning brush!

Which bases are compatible with Mya Saray hookahs?

Mya hookahs are not compatible with any non-Mya brand base. They feature proprietary base designs, so the required base will also be model-specific. Need a replacement base? Check out our selection of MYA hookah bases.

MYA Hookahs




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