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Shisha Tobacco Types FAQ


What are the different types of shisha tobacco?

When it comes to smoking hookah, there are three main types of shisha: dark leaf, blonde leaf, and tobacco-free. Dark leaf shisha is made from tobacco that has been fermented and aged, which gives it a dark color. Blonde leaf tobacco is a lighter color because it's washed frequently. Each variety of shisha tobacco can also be made from different types of tobacco leaf.

Tobacco-free shisha is made without tobacco and is nicotine-free. This shisha type is becoming more popular as more hookah smokers are looking for an alternative to traditional shisha in their hookah bowl. It's also great for beginners. Tobacco-free shisha is made from either sugar cane pulp, tea leaves, real fruit or a combination of these materials.

What's the difference between blonde leaf vs. dark leaf tobacco?

There's a big difference between blonde leaf and dark leaf tobacco. Dark leaf tobacco is generally made of Virginia or Burley-type tobacco leaves. The leaves are harvested and cured for a period of time. The leaves are then twisted and put into bales to develop bold flavors. Often dark leaf tobacco leaves used for shisha are unwashed allowing for a higher nicotine content. You will also notice a more earthy, tobacco forward undertone with this type of shisha.

Blonde leaf tobacco is typically washed and rinsed more than dark leaf tobacco. This changes the amount of nicotine present in the leaves. Blonde leaf tobacco produces a lighter, milder nicotine content in your bowl that allows for a sweeter flavor. This hookah product typically has honey in the mix and provides delicious flavors for your smoke session. Check out our best hookah deals for both shisha tobacco types.

What does "tobacco-free" shisha mean?

Tobacco-free shisha is made with sugar cane pulp, tea leaves or real fruit instead of tobacco leaves. These tobacco-free hookah products are popular with those who want to smoke hookah without nicotine. Beginners also enjoy these types of hookah shisha flavors as entry-level products.

Do you still get a buzz with tobacco-free shisha?

Nicotine-free hookah products offer a significantly different experience compared to other types of shisha tobacco. Some smokers find the lack of nicotine to be a letdown, while others find the lack of nicotine to be a plus. Because there's no nicotine, you won't experience the same head-buzz found in traditional shisha tobacco but you still get to enjoy the flavored smoke for your hookah session.

What is the best way to smoke shisha?

A hookah is a water pipe that helps cool shisha tobacco as well as making the inhale smoother creating a unique and more enjoyable experience for smoking flavored tobacco. Once you have your hookah device, fill the base with water. The amount of water in the base should cover the bottom ½ - ¾ inch of the downstem. Insert the stem and fill the hookah bowl with your tobacco leaves using the appropriate packing technique. Cover the bowl with foil and heat up your hookah charcoal. Place your heated charcoal on top of the foil covering your bowl and allow the charcoal to heat up the shisha for a few minutes, then inhale through the hose. You can shop for the best products on our website at Check out charcoal, bowls, and other accessories made of high-quality materials. Shop by narrowing down your favorite shisha tobacco types and enjoy different flavors of hookah for your bowl.

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