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Shopping Shisha By Flavor FAQ


What is hookah shisha?

Shisha tobacco is a type of tobacco that is smoked in a hookah pipe. It is made of cured and chopped tobacco leaves covered in a molasses, and it is often flavored with fruit, honey, spices, and other natural or artificial flavorings.

What are the different types of hookah shisha flavors?

There are numerous shisha tobacco flavors for hookah smoking, and they vary depending on the brand or flavor profiles you prefer. However, there are some general hookah flavors that are commonly associated with shisha, which include mint, fruit, sweet, spicy, and even creamy. Mint is a popular choice for shisha tobacco, as it can provide a refreshing and cooling sensation when smoked. Mint is also often used as a ‘mix-in’ to ‘cool’ non-mint flavors. Fruit flavors are also popular and can include a variety of different fruits such as apples, oranges, pears, and watermelons. Sweet flavors are often similar to candy or dessert, while spicy flavor profiles can be reminiscent of chai tea or cinnamon. There are a variety of unique flavor profiles that can be found in shisha tobacco, so it is worth exploring different brands and flavors to find the perfect one for you.

What are the best hookah shisha flavors for beginners?

If you're new to hookah smoking, it can be tough to decide on particular flavor profiles. With so many options available, it's hard to know where to start. That's why we've put together a list of the best hookah flavors for beginners. You can shop shisha flavors on our site to get a better idea of what's available. But, before trying to customize your own blends of new shisha flavors, we generally recommend starting with single note flavors, such as:

Mint is a popular shisha flavor that's perfect for beginners. It's refreshing and cooling, and it can help to clear your palate between smokes. Vanilla is a sweet and creamy flavor that's perfect for those who want something familiar, and it also works great as a mixer.

Strawberry is another classic shisha flavor that's always a hit with smokers. It's sweet and tangy, and it's perfect for those who want something fruity and flavorful. For those who want something that's a little bit different, coffee might be a proper choice. It's strong and bold, and it's perfect for those who want something that's a little bit savory.

Orange, grapefruit, lemon and other citrus are commonly used in pre-mixed shisha blends but smoke great on their own as well. The most common is lemon followed closely by grapefruit. Orange is a classic shisha flavor as well.

Which brand of shisha is the best?

There are plenty of shisha brands that are considered some of the best options for smokers. Here at Hookah Shisha, we only carry the best shisha products from top-rated brands. You can check out the different premium shisha choices by flavor profiles or you can shop by brand to figure out what intrigues you most. Some of the shisha profiles we've categorized include citrus, cocktail, coffee, creamy, desert, floral, fruity, minty, and tropical. The brands we carry include popular choices like Al Fakher, Fumari, Adalya, Starbuzz, and more.

Where can I shop for the best hookah-shisha flavors?

If you want to shop hookah by flavor, you'll be happy to know that Hookah Shisha makes it easy. Below, you can check out some of the best shisha profiles and shop for tobacco products that suit your taste buds. Add to your collection of hookah shisha with our curated selection.

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