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07 Dec

Shika V4 Hookahs

Shika Mini Totti Hookah

Earlier this year we started selling Shika Hookahs, and they exceeded our customers expectations with a mind blowing amount hand engraved detail and overall quality. Most of these hookahs sold out quickly, and we’ve waited patiently for quite some time on a restock of the current models. Well that time has arrived and we received more than just a restock. Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to introduce to you the Shika V4 collection.

Shika has shown the world what can be done, when you use solid brass metals for the exterior of a hookah, and utilize some of the top craftsmen/artist in the industry. Most of the hookahs from their past collection displayed beautiful markings and engravings, these visual features require a full week of work to accomplish just one hookah. This time around, the V4 collection contains some models that look like they’ve received more than a week’s worth of work, and one of the stems even includes a hand carved wooden center piece.  So let’s take a look at some of the models that maybe on your Christmas list, from Shika Hookahs.

Shika Electroplated Series

Shika Mini Totti Hookah
One of the quickest selling models that we had in our first shipment was the long Electroplated model, and with this newest shipment we received a restock on that model plus a few more colors. This isn’t the only model that has received an electroplated finish, as Shika has added a couple new electroplated hookahs to their arsenal. The Shika Scandallo hookah (pictured above) is one of the newest members, and it displays subtle flares and slim engravings to the hookah shaft. This model along with the rest of the electroplated series, introduces new colors to the jumbo glass base options, washable hookah hoses, and coal trays. If you’re looking for a shorter electroplated hookah with some style, be sure to check out the new Shika Mini Totti Beast and Mini Zoba.
Shika Mini Totti Hookah

Shika V4 Brass Hookah Collection

Shika Lannister Hookah
As you look at this glorious shot of the Lannister hookah stem, think about how much work Shika is putting into their Hookahs. We’ve seen models from Shika with this type of detail, like the Shika Cersie or the Shika Tyrion, but this time around there are some noticeable differences. They’ve added some new patterns like the heavy cross patched design of the Lannister, and  there are some stylish uniform lines that can be seen all throughout the shaft. You may notice that there are more detailed ridges and ledges, these can be found resting on the underside of the central hub and each solid brass orb. We believe their main goal was to leave no blank space on the shaft, and they succeeded in doing so.
Shika Lannister Hookah
One of our favorite models from their collection was the zombie slaying Shika Hilal. This super solid hookah contained a crescent moon as the main focal piece, and it was of course surrounded by a great amount of hand carved detail. After taking a looking at the Hilal, we didn’t know where Shika would go next, and now we present to you the Shika Farouk hookah. Once again we see the crescent moon as the focal piece, but this time around it has a new angle and it features a lot more of that classic hand etchings. The Farouk model also shows off their new Egyptian bell glass base, and this new glass addition contains an array of gold accents.

The Shika Brass & Wood Combo

Shika Avatar Hookah
This right here is a first in the Hookah industry, a brilliant combination of brass and exotic wood that is simply titled, the Avatar. The Shika Avatar hookah, is a model guaranteed to receive a few double takes as the lighting hits the midsection, allowing the great detail to shine through. Shika uses a couple types of wood for this center piece, so expect a variation within the shade of the center piece. The Avatar also receives more of that quality attention to detail throughout the entire shaft, and if you look closely you’ll notice the subtle carvings on the top and bottom caps of the wooden section.

New Shika Accessories

Shika Avatar Hookah

If you have ever received a solid brass Shika hookah, then you’ll understand how serious they are about the coal tray craftsmanship. Just like their hookahs, most of the Shika trays are created with the use of solid brass, and a skillful hand to hammer out all of the designs. Once again preparing you for the zombie apocalypse, their latest batch of trays utilize more of the brass metal, resulting in a heavier component piece.

Even though they are known for their work with brass, Shika has also added a collection of stainless steel coal trays. The Mandala series was made to be used with their electroplated hookahs, but we like creativity and found these to be the perfect add-on to some of our favorite hookahs. They will also be providing the classic stainless steel coal tray design, and they will be in the matching colors of the electroplated hookahs.

Shika Wind Covers

Shika Avatar Hookah


Shika is coming in hot, and they’ve covered just about every aspect there is about hookah, except tobacco. After their completion of the fleet of brass and electroplating, they went back to the drawing board and created some additional hookah wind covers. Once again utilizing solid Brass components, the Shika wind covers provide more visual appeal to your hookah setup, with beautiful engravings and unique shapes.

Shika Avatar Hookah


Since Shika has added more electroplated models to their lineup, it’s only right that they created wind covers to match. The Shika electroplated wind covers arrive at the perfect height, allowing for the use of large phunnel bowls without touching your coals or interfering with your session. These additional accessories add more heat to your bowl when your smoking indoors, and they also work to deflect any breeze from affecting your patio smoke session. We look at them like the star on top of the christmas tree, it’s kind of weird without one.

Shika V4 Available Now

Shika V4 Hookah Collection


What are you doing still reading and looking at these pictures? The Shika v4 collection is live right now, and we didn’t even cover every model, so expect surprises around the corner.

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