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Hookah How To: Preventing Your Hookah Hose From Falling Out of the Hookah

Does your hookah hose keep falling out in the middle of your smoking session?  In most cases the hose just needs a good "push and twist" down into your hookah's hose adapter (don't be afraid to use a little force!).

Placing the grommet firmly on the end of the hose first  (as far up as it can go)  and then fitting it inside the adapter (as apposed to the opposite - placing the hose grommet in the hose adapter and then pushing the hose into it) tends to secure it better and prevents any unwanted "disconnections."

Handing off the hose gently and carefully to others around the hookah is ideal, especially with non-rotating hookahs, where a careless pass could result in an un-attached hose. There are some cases, however, where there is simply too much room in the hose adapter for the end of the hose to fit snugly, even when brute force is applied.

Grommets over time can soften and lose their elasticity, and more often than not the end of a replacement hose (especially hand-made ones) will have just the subtle difference in diameter to cause disengagement due to an ill fit.

In these cases the end of the hose just needs to be "thickened up," so to speak, and there are several methods to fix this common problem:

Method #1 - Double up on the hose grommets.

It's always handy to keep a few spare hookah hose grommets close for such occasions.  Two grommets are better than one when it comes to a secure hose!

Method #2 - Tape around the hose grommet.

Tape is a great fix-all for many hookah trouble-shoots (including loose hookah stems) and works like a charm here as well.  Wrap some electrical tape, scotch tape, or Teflon tape around the hose grommet for a more secure fit.  

Method #3 - Tape AS the hose grommet.

No hose grommet?  No problem!  Tape can also double as a grommet replacement (this may take some trial and error to find out just how much you need for the tightest fit). 

There you go! Happy Smoking!

Comments (1) -

  • Electrical tape is a MUST in your hookah box!  Besides making better seals on hose grommets, it can also be used to repair leaky hoses in a pinch, hold down bases on a slippery table, and cover your vent hole if you should accidentally lose the ball bearing.  Also, I use colored electrical tape to mark hoses on my multi-hose hookah, so everyone knows whose hose is theirs (they are otherwise the same color).