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International Shipping F.A.Q. - Why is my credit card being declined?

A recent security upgrade made by the company that processes our online payments (Linkpoint International) will sometimes decline a credit card if there are any diacritical marks in the cardholders name or billing address. Diacritical marks are common in foreign alphabets, such as accents (the “é” in Orléans), umlauts (the “ö” in Köln), tildes (the “ñ” in Año), and so forth. If a message is returned that says “your credit card was not approved” after you have entered your credit card information and pressed the “complete purchase” button, go back a few pages to your billing and shipping information and make sure there are none of these marks in your name or billing address. For example, if your billing street name is “Caminó Street,” change it to “Camino Street” without the accent and try again. If you still experience a declined message, please chat with us on our “Live Help” or email us and we will be happy to assist you in placing your order.