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Hookah-Shisha Featured Coupon Codes & Discounts

If you're looking to save money or grab some awesome freebies on your next order, this is the perfect page for you! All of the following coupon codes can be used with any order that you place on our website as long as you meet the requirements for your selected coupon.

These coupons will change so you should bookmark this page or stop by before you place your next order.

Only one of these coupon codes can be used during the checkout process. Thanks for stopping by and happy smoking!


green egyptian furat hookah with coupon code

Free Furat Hookah Pipe

We are offering the small yet powerful Egyptian Furat 1 hose hookah for free with any purchase over $75! This 16″ smoke machine can be used as the perfect desktop hookah or just a backup when you have guest.

Choose your color and coupon:



silver kaloud lotus plus and coupon code freelo

Free Kaloud Lotus Plus

One of the best additions to your hookah setup can be your for free. Use the coupon code FREELO to score a Kaloud Lotus Plus with any order $249 or more.

black khalil mamoon shareef hookah with coupon code shareef

Free Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef Hookah

No need to think about what hookah to buy when you can get this amazing Khalil Mamoon Shareef Hookah for FREE! This all black hookah will arrive with any purchase of $375 or more. You'll receive the hookah shaft, base, bowl, and hose!

Use coupon code: SHAREEF

blue al fakher disposable hookah hose with coupon code bluehose

Free Blue Al Fakher Disposable Hose

Just stopping by for a quick order but you still want something for free? We've got you covered on orders $25 or more with a free Al Fakher Hose that features a washable plastic tubing and compatible with most traditional hookahs.

Use coupon code: BLUEHOSE

black handle resin edition dream hookah hose with coupon code resin

Free Brown Resin Handle D-hose Hookah Hose

Add some style to your hookah hose with the Brown Resin Handle D-hose featuring a dark color base with multiple shimmering components. The Resin D-hose is 100% washable and each handle is uniquely made, so placement of color pieces within the handle is subject to change.

This hose is available on orders of $150 or more and will work with just about every hookah on our site, just make sure you have the proper hose grommet.

Use coupon code: RESIN

silver ripper silicone hookah hose with coupon code riphose

Free Ripper Silicone Hose

Upgrade or replace your hookah hose with a silver Ripper silicone hookah hose on orders of $60 or more!

This hose will work with just about every hookah on our site, just make sure you have the proper hose grommet.

Use coupon code: RIPHOSE

red black and blue bishop hookah bowls with coupon codes below

Free Bishop Hookah Bowl

The latest accessory to hit our coupon code page is the Bishop bowl series and we're offering to give you one free on an order of $70 or more. These wide gauge phunnel bowls are great for increased air flow and clouds in your next session. They can be used with any style of shisha tobacco with foil as the heat manager.

Choose your color and coupon:


plane flying over earth with 10 percent coupon code shipten

Save 10% On Your First International Order

We understand that shipping internationally can be pretty expensive. Unfortunately we are unable to discount international shipping, but here is a 10% coupon to use on your first order with us!

Coupon can be used once per customer.

Use coupon code: SHIPTEN

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