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Best New Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco Flavors for 2014

Apparently, "cream" and "mint" are the hot buzz words in shisha these days. And why not? How many times have you gone to a mint flavor as a mixer, or maybe added a little vanilla to your hookah bowl for some creamy smoothness?Al Fakher hookah tobacco has got your back, and they've added a number of mint and cream blends to their arsenal of delicious shisha, as well as a couple other winners (Fresh Mist, Cinnamon Gum), giving you a number of great new flavors to choose from, and you'll only have to open one box to load the perfect bowl!

Al Fakher Fresh Mist and Cinnamon Gum Flavors.

Al Fakher Fresh Mist Flavor Shisha Al Fakher Fresh Mist serves up the ever-popular shisha tobacco blend of blueberry and mint flavors. This version does not disappoint, either for taste or cloud output.
Al Fakher Gum with Cinnamon Flavour is arabic for Big Red shisha tobacco. Sweet cinnamon gum flavor, with a touch of spiciness.   Al Fakher Cinnamon Gum Flavor Shisha

Al Fakher Mint Shisha Blended Flavors.

Al Fakher Cherry Mint shisha is a great combo, combining sweet cherry flavor with a cool minty finish.   Al Fakher Cherry Mint Flavor Shisha
Al Fakher Grapefruit Mint is one of the newest flavors from Al Fakher, combining AF's great new Grapefruit flavor with cool minty goodness.   Al Fakher Grapefruit Mint Flavor Shisha
Al Fakher Chocolate Mint shisha tobacco takes everyone's favorite flavor (rich, creamy chocolate, of course) and adds cool minty goodness. Winner!   Al Fakher Cherry Mint Flavor Shisha
Al Fakher Plum with Mint flavour shisha is a unique and interesting flavor, which combines sweet fruit plum flavor with cool minty exhales. Definitely exotic!   Al Fakher Plum Mint Flavor Shisha

Al Fakher Cream Blend Shisha Tobaccos

Al Fakher Mint Cream Flavor Shisha Al Fakher Mint Cream shisha gives you the best of both worlds: cream and mint. Serving up cool, creamy clouds, Al Fakher Mint with Cream flavor is one of our new favs.Tip: add some chocolate flavored shisha to make a bowl of mint chip ice cream.
Al Fakher Orange Cream Flavor Shisha Al Fakher Orange Cream shisha is ready for summer, serving up delicious Creamsicle flavor and big ol' clouds. Al Fakher Orange with Cream is an excellent version of this popular shisha flavor. 
Al Fakher Strawberry Cream Flavor Shisha Al Fakher Strawberry Cream shisha lets you enjoy this summertime favorite in any season. When it's time for Wimbledon, put on your whites and load a bowl of Al Fakher Strawberry with Cream flavour hookah tobacco. Proper!
Al Fakher Grape Cream Flavor Shisha Al Fakher Grape Cream shisha shies away from purple grape candy flavor, serving up delicious creamy, green grape flavors. Al Fakher Grape with Cream is a fabulous sweet hookah tobacco flavor.  

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    • Hi Nasir, that depends on a lot of factors. Please contact our customer service representatives for help with your order. [email protected]