Cocourth Organic Coconut Hookah Charcoal (192 Pieces -Flat)

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192 pieces of flat shaped organic coconut hookah coal

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Cocourth Organic Coconut Flat Coals 192 ct.

Coal Size: 25mm x 25mm x 18mm
Are you looking for the perfect piece of hookah charcoal? The one with clean cut edges all around, consistent quality, minimal ash, and solid heat output. You can stop looking because it's right in front of you, and they go by the name of Cocourth. 

These coals are crafted with the use of only organic materials, which is something you'll hear from many coal manufactures but Cocourth takes it up a notch. Their team prides themselves on using the purest ingredients and placing them right on the package, and they've achieved a high calorific value without a single chemical added to the composition.

Cocourth coals achieve their perfect shape by undergoing a Golden Cut process, and this allows you to experience a clean cut charcoal with every piece. After blowing through the sample boxes of charcoal, we knew these coals needed to be offered to everybody. So enjoy your next smoke session with a 96 piece box Cocourth.  

Lighting Cocourth Coconut Coals

Please don't attempt to use a single flame for natural hookah charcoal, it's not recommended and you'll be waiting for a while. Instead pick up single coil hookah charcoal burner, and place however many pieces of charcoal you would like to use on top and crank up the heat.  This 192 piece box of coals will provide 64 smoke sessions when you use 3 pieces per hookah session. These coals should take 7-10  minutes to become fully lit, depending on your burners heat output. Please remember to make sure that your coals are fully lit before placing them onto your bowl. We recommend storing these coals in a dry environment to prevent any moisture from affecting the heat output.  

Note: You must be 18 years of age to purchase this product.

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Sharon Baumis on Thursday, October 18, 2018 9:12:52 AM

I thought I was using the best coals - - - Until my son told me about Cocourth! I actually had coals left over from an old order and I couldn't wait to get through them - I even considered throwing them out so I could quit wasting my time with what I thought were pretty decent coals - Once I tried Cocourth it was hard to use anything else - But I suffered through the old coals and swore I'd never order any other thing else! Cocourth are the best!!!

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"Great high heat coal"
Branden Nieves on Sunday, August 26, 2018 11:07:22 PM

These coals are some of the best on the market today can't say enuff about them one of my personal favorite coals to use I hope if you try them out you will enjoy them to. Happy Smoking everyone.

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