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Al Fakher Disposable Hookah Hose

SKU: BTO-Hose-Disposable-AlFakher

Disposable hoses from Al Fakher. Available in single pack, 5 pack or case of 100 hoses. Perfect for every occasion - at home, or at a party. Total Length: 60" Handle Length: 12" Completely washable - perfect for dedicating to specific flavors!!

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Widely known for their shisha tobacco flavors, Al Fakher has breached the accessory market and created their own disposable hookah hose! Measuring at 76 inches long, this hookah hose consists of a completely washable plastic hose tubing along with a lightweight, yet sturdy, plastic hose handle. And the best part? It's budget friendly! These hoses are inexpensive compared to some of the other hookah hose options out there making it a lot easier to stock up on hoses. Because of this, they are perfect for dedicating certain flavors to certain hoses giving you a more intense flavor over time. Need a specific hose for your mint flavors? Or your double apple? Maybe your favorite chocolate flavor? Look no further! These Al Fakher disposable flavors make it easier than ever to beef up your hose collection. As mentioned previously, these hoses are completely washable so if you're starting to notice some residue or unwanted flavor ghosting, just give this hose a quick rinse with some hot water to make it nice and fresh for your next session. If there are some more difficult flavors to get out of the hose, add a little bit of lemon juice during the cleaning process to make those unwanted flavors a thing of the past. Featuring a well made, 12" plastic handle, these hookah hoses will provide a smooth, wide open draw that makes it easy to pull those thunderclouds. Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product
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