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Amira Bowl Coal Tray

SKU: BTO-Tray-Amira

This chimney style HMD is designed to work with traditional hookah style bowls designs but we've seen it utilized with phunnel hookah and produce huge hookah. This device will take the place of your hookah foil, but don't be surprise if you see someone trying to pull off a combo of the two products.

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Amira Hookah Chimney Tray HMD

Veteran smokers know exactly what they're looking at right now, and intermediate fans might be having a deja vu moment. For the new people in the back we're just gonna call it a cost effective Kaloud Lotus. The full setup of this heat management system can be used with smaller Egyptian style bowls, and any unglazed bowls that arrive with Amira or Pharaoh's hookahs.


It's also very common to see just the screen of this device used on top of foil to create a easier heat management experience. If you're using just the screen portion it will atop any foil bowl.

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