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Azure Mexi Cola Shisha Tobacco

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As you may have guessed, Mexi Cola from Azure Tobacco is a "cola" or classic soda-pop shisha flavor, however there is a twist! Inspired by one of California's most treasured drinks, known by some as a "Mexican Coke", the glass bottles of cola with real cane sugar (instead of the fake stuff) tastes slightly different than the "classic" version. The same can be said in regards to Azure's Mexi Cola! While still undoubtedly a "cola" flavor, there's a unique undertone to this tobacco that pushes it into newer territory than their traditional "cola". And honestly? We're here for it. We've had great sucess mixing some of Azure's new Lime shisha in with the Mexi Cola for an even added refreshment.

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Azure Mexi Cola Hookah Tobacco

Azure Blonde tobacco has finally hit our shelves and we are excited to share all of their unique blends with you! Azure Tobacco, based in California, develops and manufacturers all of their tobacco in small batches right here in the USA. Their blonde leaf tobacco leaves are easy to use and can be enjoyed by inexperienced hookah smokers and shisha masters alike. These flavors will come to you in a resealable pouch, so you know the shisha will be fresh. You can enjoy this shisha in any style of hookah bowl and it's very versatile with different packing methods.

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