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BYO Adonis Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-BYO-Adonis

A lovely blend of aluminum, stainless steel, and glass has proudly arrived in our warehouse with all of the grace and beauty of the greek god Adonis.

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BYO Adonis Hookah

The BYO Adonis hookah stands at 23 inches tall and rests upon a uniquely designed glass base. The Adonis is available in 3 colors; Red, Blue, and Black. This hookah will arrive with matching accessories, and the base has a slick reflective design that almost illuminates in low lights. 


Modern designs are cool but if you can't get a great smoke session then there's no reason to pick it up, right? Well BYO took the smooth inhale route and ended up with a wide gauge downstem at the bottom of a narrowed shaft. BYO also includes a built-in diffuser on these hookahs for a smoother and quieter inhale.

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