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INVI Globe Trotter Hookah Bundle

SKU: BTO-Bundle-Invi-Vergence-AF

Jump into a world of taste and style with our brand-new INVI Globe Trotter Bundle, where the journey is just as important as the destination or something deep. This all-in-one package will provide you with a stellar 25" INVI Vergence hookah and 3 250g jars of the new AL Fakher flavors. Don't think we forgot about your heat, also included in your shipment will be a 72 pcs box of Al Fakher cube coals. More details below.

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INVI Globe Trotter Bundle

The INVI Vergence hookah is crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, it's not only a sight to behold but also rust and corrosion-proof, ensuring it stands the test of time. Standing at a majestic 25 inches tall, it commands attention and admiration with multiple shimmering color options. Match your couch, PC setup, or just a favorite color. The glass base contains engraved pattern throughout, adding an artistic touch to your smoke sessions.

  • Crafted from Aerospace-Grade Aluminum: Ensures durability and resistance to rust and corrosion.
  • Multiple Color Options: Choose from Anthracite, Black, Silver, Blue, and Red to match your style.
  • Elegant Glass Base: Features an engraved pattern for added visual appeal.
  • Multi-Hose Capability: Enjoy shared hookah sessions with friends, thanks to the ability to use up to four hoses.
  • Quiet Smoke Sessions: The removable diffuser minimizes noise, ensuring a peaceful ambiance during your hookah experience.
  • Versatile Hose Adapters: Use unique metal-to-metal connections or regular hose grommets for a seamless smoking experience.

In the INVI Globe Trotter Bundle, you'll find the new trio of Al Fakher shisha flavors:

  • Georgia Peach Pie: Experience the spiced peach, crisp green apple, and jasmine notes enriched with vanilla, coconut, and plum. It's a journey through orchards and desserts, all in one puff.
  • Florida Orange Dreamsicle: Get ready for tangy oranges and the dreamy sweetness of vanilla. It's like enjoying a classic dessert in the form of smoke.
  • California Citrus Breeze: A refreshing trio of orange, lemon, and grapefruit, perfectly balanced with a touch of invigorating mint. It's a citrus symphony that refreshes your senses.

To ensure the finest flavor from these exceptional blends, we're including a 72-piece box of Al Fakher cube-shaped natural coconut hookah charcoal. These coals provide consistent, clean heat, preserving the integrity of each flavor note. With this charcoal, you'll unlock the full potential of your shisha experience. Bon voyage, fellow traveler, your globe-trotting adventure begins here!

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