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Golden Desert Pacifica Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-GoldenDesert-Pacifica

Golden Desert Hookahs offers a large variety of stem designs in their lineup, but we're especially excited to present the Pacifica! No question about it, this is a modern hookah through and through, and this fact is apparent just by looking at it.

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Golden Desert Pacifica Hookah

The main body of the stem is constructed from high quality stainless steel using a process called CNC machining meaning each piece is designed to fit together perfectly. The steel itself is anodized to provide a variety of color options for the stem's midsection.


The combination of stainless steel and anodization means that your hookah stem will be resistant to rust, corrosion, and stains both inside and out (with proper maintenance).


The glass base features a threaded design and wide bottom, both of which add extra stability to the hookah. The base and stem firmly twist together to create an airtight seal without the need for a traditional rubber base grommet all while allowing the base to remain securely in place when transporting your pipe. When fully assembled, the Pacifica will stand at 22 inches tall.

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