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HookahJohn Flaca Aluminum Hookah Hose

SKU: BTO-Hose-HookahJohn-Flaca

If the Hookahjohn Knurl hose was to heavy for you, let's take things down a notch with the Flaca hose. This accessory still utilizes that same long lasting aluminum core, but this time around less is more and we get sturdy light design out of it. The slimmer handle still fits most mouthtips, and it can be washed before any session for maximum flavor.

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Hookahjohn Flaca Hookah Hose

  • Length - 75" (including handle)
  • Handle Length - 15"
  • Aluminum core handle
  • 100% Washable

The heavy-duty HJ Knurl hose took the hookah market by storm by being one of the most massive, heavyweight hookah hoses available, and the team over at HookahJohn has proudly released its younger sibling: the Flaca hose!


Offering a very similar design to its counterpart, the Flaca features a thinner, "slimmed down" version of the Knurl handle for those hookah smokers who don't want their hoses to be so beefy. These changes bring savings directly to your wallet as well! The Flaca hose was designed to be used seamlessly with the SAOCCA hookah shaft but you'll be able to use this with an array of hookah models with traditional hose port designs.


The Flaca hose offers the same non-slip "knurling" design on the handle as its counterpart that allows for increased grip and provides a unique aesthetic depth. The 15 inch handle is crafted from an aerospace grade aluminum that won't rust or fade over time, and it has the perfect opening allowing for a variety of mouth tips.


Measuring a total length of 75 inches, the Flaca's "soft touch" silicone tubing and aluminum handle make this hose completely washable, which is an important feature of hookah hoses nowadays. Not only that, the Flaca handle completely disassembles into several pieces making it extremely easy to thoroughly wash your hose and help ensure a fresh smoke session every time.


Just rinse hot water through the hose and any residue or stained flavors will become a thing of the past. If you feel like there are still some aromas lingering from your last shisha tobacco session, you can use a little bit of lemon juice inside the tubing to "reset" the flavor in your hose.


Note: You must be 21 years old to purchase this product.

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