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Kaloud Krysalis Eltheria Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Kaloud-Krysalis-Eltheria

Oh do you we have a treat for you! You are now looking at a new world of possibilities with the latest product release from Kaloud. The Kaloud Krysalis Eltheria isn't a hookah, it's a Krysalis. This name comes from the process known as chrysalis that caterpillars go through before becoming butterflies. After more than 500 years, Kaloud has cracked the shell to unleashed a new era of hookah design in an effort to provide a new take on hookah pipes and how they're perceived.

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Kaloud Krysalis Eltheria Hookah

Are you wondering what this beast is made of? Don't worry, we've got you covered right here. Once you get past the fancy and intricate packaging, you'll be presented with two trays worth of accessories to put together. Let's start with the foundation of the Krysalis.


This deep black or stark white exterior is crafted from a dense high quality silicone material. It's not like the silicone tubing you may be familiar with on hookah hoses; this stuff is thiccc. The silicone used on the exterior is heat resistant with an extremely smooth surface and a shimmering Kaloud logo embossed on both sides.


This base is topped off with a finely textured thick silicone ring that locks everything in place.

The Krysalis features a symmetrical placement of the horizontal hose port and purge valve, both crafted with aluminum. This design was crafted to be used with the Kaloud Aeolis to create a wide gauge draw for your smoking experience, but thanks to an included reverse hose adapter, you'll be able to use any traditional hookah hose in your collection.


The CNC crafted aluminum purge functions without a ball bearing, so you'll never have to worry about cleaning any more gunky balls.

As we move up the Krysalis, we reach the dual-chambered dome that will provide the real visuals for your smoke session. You might think it's glass and that's fair because it definitely looks like it, but it's not! You're looking at an ultra clear BPA plastic. Plastic? Yes, plastic.


We scratched our heads as well until we had it in our hands; there's several levels to the quality of plastic and this would be in the category of top shelf material. It's scratch and heat resistant while providing a crystal clear view into the internal workings of the hookah.


We don't know where they got this stuff but it's light years ahead of plexi-glass and opens our minds to possiblites of it's use within the hookah industry.

The downstem! Kaloud crafted something truly awesome with this piece and has multiple unique features. This entire component is crafted by a CNC machine with a high quality aluminum metal and it includes a multi perc vertical diffuser.


Carbon Filtration; have you heard of it? Included with your Krysalis is a multi pack of filtration pods that can be inserted into the downstem to provide a cleaner taste in your smoke session.

Thanks to precision of CNC machines, Kaloud was able to create a plug at the top of the downstem that inserts directly into the underside of the Krysalis Edition Vitria bowl. Yes, currently the Krysalis is only designed to utilized the Vitria bowl, but we've heard that there is an adapter on the way for universal use of all bowls.


You take your first draw and what's happening? The inner vessel fills with smoke and pours over the walls into the exterior vessel like a view of Earth from the space station. The smoke that fills the exterior chamber is now being pulled through finely tuned hardened base plate and into your hose.

In my personal experience, when you add this many twist and turns to the flow of smoke things tend to get a little restricted. That's not the case here. The Krysalis has been in development for YEARS and I've had the pleasure of testing it out during it's many phases.


At one point, it was almost too open of a draw and that was fixed by geniuses at Kaloud with the creation of an umbrella valve! This newly crafted device looks like a flower at full bloom and affixes to the top of the inner chamber. After this piece was introduced, the draw on the Krysalis felt like a night and day difference, creating an ultra comfortable inhale and purge.

The clouds from Kaloud come with ease and the Krysalis is just the beginning.

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