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Khalil Mamoon Mini Classic Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-KM-Classic-Mini

Looking for the experience of a hot day in Cairo spent in the shade of a hookah lounge smoking from a classic style Arabian hookah, but you're actually just in your living room? Look no further than than KM's handmade Mini Classic Hookah. This smaller version of a classic style, coming in at 17", is an affordable and handsome addition to any enthusiasts collection.

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Khalil Mamoon Mini Classic Hookah

The elegant, handmade mini version of the hookah you would often find in hookah lounges throughout Egypt is made of high quality stainless steel and is bound to give you a quality smoking experience. It's size makes this hookah highly portable. The stem is simple yet elegant, this hookah may be small in stature but it will surely put out enough smoke to satisfy your expectation.

The small base paired with the medium sized gauge on the downstem will create a more restricted flow of smoke than you might be used to. But this is an easy fix. Slap a diffuser on the gauge to make your pulls smoother, and to decrease the rumble if you're not a fan of the noise.

The stainless steel composition of the hookah is a bonus - it won't retain those stronger flavors of shisha, and with a quick cleaning your hookah will be ready to go for your next smoking session. Also, the quality of the stainless steel means, with proper care, your hookah will last you a long time.


We want you to open your new Mini Classic Hookah and have all the necessities for your next smoking session. So along with your KM Mini Classic we're tossing in an Egyptian bowl, a coal tray, a classic apple base, an Egyptian hose, hookah charcoals, and a 50g box of shisha.

Please note the Egyptian hose is NOT washable, but can easily be swapped out for most other hoses.

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