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Khalil Mamoon Trident Ice Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-KM-Trident-Ice

The taller, older brother of the KM Trident, the Trident Ice hookah will be blessed with the same style, and quality, of its counterpart! You may notice something a bit different though, as the Trident Ice will also have a built in ice bucket!

Color: Ice Gold
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Khalil Mamoon Trident Ice Hookah

Widely known in the hookah world for making quality, durable, good looking hookah pipes that will last a generation, and the 42" tall Trident Ice delivers that same quality! Boasting a simple, yet elegant gold plated stem design, this hookah will deliver a traditional smoking experience that you would find in cafes all over Egypt!


KM hookahs are world famous for their high quality, handmade designs and their exceptional durability. The stainless steel downstem provides clean flavor, smooth pulls, and will be resistant to rust and corrosion with proper maintenance. You'll find this eye-catching stem resting atop a handmade Egyptian glass hookah base (design may vary).

The ice chamber at the top of this piece is a useful features that allows you to achieve an even cooler smoke. Simply fill the ice chamber with ice cubes and smoke like normal. The ice cools the smoke as it travels through the downstem toward the base, giving you an ice cold hookah experience every time.

Most Khalil Mamoon hookahs utilize medium gauge downstems, which are designed to provide smokes with a traditional smoking experience, so you'll experience a bit more of a "rumble" on this hookah when smoking.


Those of you who are used to smoking larger hookahs with ultra-wide gauge downstems may find this downstem features slightly more restriction in the pull. Fix this by placing a diffuser on the bottom of the downstem to increase the smoothness and dampen the rumble effect for a quieter session.


Along with the hookah itself, you'll also receive a non-washable KM Signature hookah hose (color may vary), an Egyptian clay bowl, and all the grommets you need to ensure a tight fit and good seals.

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