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Oduman Micro Glass Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Oduman-Micro

Look at this tiny hookah! It's the latest release from our friends Oduman Hookahs from Turkey. Whether you're looking for a new travel pieces or a small pipe that won't take up too much space, the Oduman Micro is the hookah for you.

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Oduman Micro Glass Hookah

This little guy will arrive with a fancy storage/carrying case for easy transportation or storage. This hookah features a traditional bowl port so you can use any style of hookah bowl on top and be able to rip huge clouds in no time!


The Oduman hookahs are all designed and manufactured in Turkey, and to make sure you have a hookah that will handle some dings, they only use a high grade glass material. This is made possible with the use of thick glass that we commonly find in glassware, like soda glass and glass bowls.


You won't have to worry about the hookah moving at all while in use, and if the weight of the glass doesn't keep it stable enough for you, the added base water will keep you locked.


Unlike most glass hookahs on the market, the Mirco model features stainless steel components in all the right places. These finely tuned sections are threaded and can be removed for travel purposes or storage. This high grade metal material is very beneficial because it will never falter from rust or corrosion, so each bowl you smoke will be the cleanest inhale possible.

The medium size gauge downstem is completely removable, and can be used with the included diffuser that screws on to the bottom of the downstem. You'll have full control of the restriction within your session, we had amazing sessions with the water 1" above the diffuser.


This remarkable downstem is connected to the bowl port and midsection stem, but when you need to give it a deep clean everything can be separated including the coal tray.

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