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Pharaohs Ion Hookah

SKU: BTO-Hookah-Pharaohs-Ion

The Pharaohs Ion hookah, with it's electric personality, will leave you with your hair standing on end. A fully textured glass base and crosshatch metal stem provides all the feels for your next session.

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Pharaohs Ion Wood Hookah

Standing at 21 1/2 inches tall, the Ion hookah features a sleek black stem with engraved designs that will help provide a smooth, satisfying hookah experience. If you desire to share with your friends, the hub can easily be modified to accommodate from 2-4 hookah hoses. 


All Pharaohs hubs come with four ports. Want to add a hose? Just screw in a Pharaoh's autoseal hose adapter, it's that easy. 


Pharaoh's hookahs have a number of modern features that are quickly making them the most popular factory made hookah around. Their threaded base/shaft design eliminates the need for base grommets, ensuring easy, airtight seals and easy maintenance.

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