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Serbetli Shisha Tobacco 250G

SKU: BTO-Serbetli-250g

Serbetli shisha tobacco is officially available on our shelves! Crafted in Turkey, this flavored hookah tobacco has rightfully gained a strong following in Europe with their variety of flavor blends and top quality production. Focusing on mixes rather than single-note flavors, you can find great tasting combinations such as Lime Lychee Blueberry, Ice Green Apple, and more! Serbetli crafts their flavors using a blonde leaf cut of tobacco that provides smooth smoke and strong flavor, all while containing low amounts of nicotine. This means you can easily have an enjoyable smoke session no matter what kind of nicotine tolerance you have! Each Serbetli flavor arrives in its own resealable 250g jar that locks in freshness and keeps your shisha tasting great. Depending on how you pack, each 250g jar will contain enough tobacco for approximately 15-20 hookah sessions.

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