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Tangiers Cane Mint Kilo 1000g

SKU: BTO-T-Cane-Mint-250g-X4

Update: Due to limited availability we are currently limiting Cane Mint purchases to 4 bags per order. Please keep in mind that we do reserve the right to reduce or cancel orders based on order size as well.
Tangiers is currently updating their packaging, and our latest shipment was a mix of new and old packaging as they continue the phase out. You can still expect 100% fresh batches regardless of packaging.
Tangiers Noir Cane Mint is one of the most sought after and highly regarded shisha flavors in the world. If you have never experienced the sweet and icy rush of Cane Mint before then this is your chance. For those not in the know, Cane Mint is an icy Peppermint flavor. This special kilo pack comes with 4 individually wrapped 250g bags of Tangier's flagship flavor.

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Tangiers Noir Cane Mint Kilo Hookah Tobacco

Tangiers Noir is an unwashed tobacco that provides a more robust smoke flavor profile for the experienced smokers. The Tangiers collection is known for creating a stronger buzz because of the higher nicotine content, so we caution the use of this brand for beginner smokers.


Each 250 gram bag arrives in a double packed air sealed package with a hand written label and a quality inspection hologram sticker. There are multiple lines within the Tangiers collection and the Noir flavors are considered to be the original line that started it all.


The recommended bowl for a traditional Tangiers session is a phunnel bowl like the Tangiers Phunnel, 80 ft, Gambit, etc. Once you've moved your shisha from the plastic bag to a shisha container (not included), use an oyster fork for a cleaner packing session or just reach in with your hands and start packing.


Our lineup of available tangiers flavor changes weekly, so be sure to check back with us if you don't see a desired flavor or leave us feedback on your favorite blend so we know what to stock. Below you'll find a description for every Tangiers flavor that we carry, so if you don't see a flavor available on this page, be sure to check out the other Tangiers lines that we carry.


These flavor profiles can change slightly based on the packing method and preparation of your hookah.

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