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Tangiers F Line Shisha Super Pack (Choose any 3 X 250g + Quick Light Charcoal)

SKU: BTO-T-FLine-250g-X3-Quicklight

Update: Due to limited availability we are currently limiting Cane Mint purchases to 4 bags per order. Please keep in mind that we do reserve the right to reduce or cancel orders based on order size as well.
Tangiers is currently updating their packaging, and our latest shipment was a mix of new and old packaging as they continue the phase out. You can still expect 100% fresh batches regardless of packaging.
The extra buzz from Tangiers F-Line hookah tobacco can still be felt with the use of quick light hookah charcoal. Our insta-light coal bundle provides you with a full box to last you more smoke sessions than the 3 included bags of premium dark leaf tobacco can last. Select your flavors and lets get smoking.

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Tangiers F-Line Shisha With Quick Light Charcoal Super Pack

 Tangiers F-Line is a caffeinated version of Tangiers Shisha Tobacco. With 9 flavors to select from in a 250g bag, Tangiers F-Line shisha is for those that like an extra "kick" in their hookah smoke!


Tangiers Burley is unwashed tobacco, which means you get more natural tobacco flavor, and a higher nicotine level. This results in the added flavorings being less present, while the overall tobacco taste is stronger. The higher nicotine level will result in higher buzz levels, so be careful standing up after a long session.


Tangiers F-Line shisha is one of the strongest hookah tobacco lines in our store and therefore is not recommended for beginners or those with a sensitivity to nicotine or caffeine. Please smoke Tangiers F-Line responsibly.


Tangiers packs all of their shisha inside a double packed air sealed pouch and we recommend the use of a shisha container for proper storage. Each flavor receives a quality assurance check and a holographic sticker of assurance, plus each label is handwritten.


The recommended bowl for a traditional Tangiers session is a phunnel bowl like the Tangiers Phunnel, 80 ft, Gambit, etc. Once you've moved your shisha from the plastic bag to a shisha container (not included), use an oyster fork for a cleaner packing session or just reach in with your hands and start packing.


These flavor profiles can change slightly based on the packing method and preparation of your hookah.


Tangiers F-Line Flavor Descriptions
Absinthe - Anise blend with subtle mint
Apple - A simple, sweet Apple flavor
Cool Strawberry - Sweeter than the regular strawberry with a cooling exhale
Kashmir - Blended spices and strong floral notes, crafted for floral smokers
Melon Blend - Honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe. Very sweet.
Orange Soda - There s no carbonation but this is pretty spot on
Passion Fruit - Semi sweet flavor with great longevity
Red Tea - Unsweetened tea blend with a lower flavor strength
Strawberry - Natural Strawberry taste without a strong sweetness
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