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Trifecta Dark Blend Shisha Tobacco 250g

SKU: BTO-Trifecta-Dark-250g

It's dark, delicious, and delightful, what more could you ask for from Trifecta's dark blend series? This collection of dark leaf tobacco flavors are handmade in small batches here in the USA, with the use of burley tobacco leaves. Trifecta's dark blend has made a great impression on hookah smokers around the world after their initial release in 2015, and we're excited to have it on our shelves.

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Trifecta Dark Blend Hookah Tobacco 250g Flavors

The use of burley tobacco provides a great buzz that won't knock you off your rocker if you're an experienced smoker, and can still be enjoyed by moderate hookah smokers. Each blend is packed in a resealable jar with your flavor packed inside a 250 gram bag, the uniform jars allow for easy organization or travelling to a friends house.


This series is ready to smoke out of the jar with no need for any acclimation. If you're looking to explore more of the Trifecta flavor menu without a heavy buzz hit, be sure to view their blonde leaf blends.


Trifecta Flavor Descriptions

Arak - It's ANISE & that's all folks
Apple Pie - Green Apple/Cinnamon/Spices
BDH - Melon Blend/Peach
Blueberry - Powerful Blueberry
Cherry Plum - Tart cherry blended with sweet plum
Concord Grape - Robust purple concord grape
Cool Cinnamon Gum - Ice Mint/Sweet Cinnamon
Death By Ice - Moroccan Mint/Peppermint
Deja Dew - Lemon/Lime
Durty Mint - Strong yet sweet peppermint
Earl Grey - Rich Black Tea/Lemon/Bergamot
Enigma - Berries Mix/Herbs/Citrus
Hipster Mint - Natural mint leaf with an earthy undertone and a sweet spearmint finish
Indian Kheer - Cardamom/Cream/Cinnamon/Pistachio
Lavender Mint- Floral/Mint
Lime - Tart Lime
Lychee - Sweet Exotic Fruit
Manzanas - Robust Apple Blend
Morning Glory - Robust Coffee/Cream
Orange Seville Coffee - Orange Rinds/ Coffee Bean
Pearfect - Spiced Pear
Pineapple - Sweet Pineapple
Pulp Friction - Citrus/Fruit
Raspberry - Subtle Sour Notes/ Natural Raspberry
Ruby - Cherry/Berry/Cinnamon
Spumoni - A new addition which has quickly become an office favorite. Heavy notes of amaretto cherry with distinct hints of pistachio and creamy vanilla
The Twist - Melons/Mint/Lemon
TKO - Chocolate/Hazelnut
True Grape - White Grape
Ventura Peach - White Peach/Sweet Peach

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