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Trifecta Dark Shisha Mix & Match Kilo 4x 250g

SKU: BTO-Trifecta-Dark-250g-X4

Build your own custom kilo of Trifecta dark leaf shisha flavors and save! This mix and match kilo includes four 250g jars of Trifecta Dark totaling 1000g (1 Kg) and allows you to select up to 4 of your favorite dark leaf flavors! The use of burley tobacco provides a great nicotine buzz that won't knock you off your rocker if you're an experienced smoker, and can be enjoyed by moderate hookah smokers as well as hookah veterans. Each flavor will come in a resealable 250g jar to help lock in freshness. This series is ready to smoke out of the jar with no need for any acclimation.

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