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The Best Summer Shisha Mixes

The Best Summer Shisha Mixes

By danny / June 26, 2023

Summer is here and we recommend you take your hookah outside with a cool beverage and enjoy the nice weather. In anticipation of some outdoor hookah sessions, we spent a bit of time in the shisha lab here at Hookah-Shisha HQ and our resident shisha mixologist has come up with these must-have summer shisha mixes. Load a bowl of any of the recipes below and enjoy the taste of summer!

Blueberry Pink Lemonade

lemons and blueberries with glass of pink lemonande

This is a delicious summer mix that we recommend enjoying with a cold glass of lemonade. Mix equal parts Al Fakher Blueberry and Social Smoke Pink Lemonade for this perfect summer smoke.

Melon Madness 

cantaloupe melon dew and blueberries

This should be a winner for all fans of smooth, cool melon flavors. Mix equal parts Starbuzz Melon Blue and Starbuzz Safari Melon Dew and get ready for the best melon mix of your life.

Minty Paloma

grapefruit lemon and mint leaves

For fans of the Paloma, a refreshing summer cocktail featuring grapefruit and citrus. Mix equal parts Starbuzz Grapefruit, Al Fakher Lemon, and Starbuzz Bold Simply Mint.

The Yellow Rose

roses and lemon

This delicate and simple mix is for fans of floral shisha. Mix up some Al Fakher Rose with some Al Fakher Lemon for this unique mix. Adjust the ratios to your tastes.

Blue Coconut

pineapple blueberries and coconut

To make this tropical summery shisha mix take equal parts of Al Fakher Coconut and Starbuzz Blue Surfer, and mix them together in your favorite bowl. Very unique and very refreshing

Pirate's Booty

pomegranate lemon lime and cranberries

This is for fans of Starbuzz's sweet fruit flavors. Mix equal parts Code 69 with Pirates Cave. The sweet fruits and citrus meld together to create a dreamy combination.

Lemon Peach Tea

Lemons peaches mint leaves

This is a mix for fans of Fumari shisha. Take equal parts Fumari White Peach and Fumari Lemon Mint and mix together for a refreshing summer smoke that everyone should enjoy.

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